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MO: Fachverband Molekülphysik

MO 18: Cluster and Experimental Techniques (joint session MO/A)

Donnerstag, 9. März 2023, 14:30–16:30, F142

14:30 MO 18.1 Characterization of a simple supersonic expansion source for small molecular ions — •Lukas Berger, Aigars Znotins, Florian Grussie, Damian Müll, Felix Nuesslein, Arnaud Dochain, Joffrey Fréreux, Xavier Urbain, and Holger Kreckel
14:45 MO 18.2 OH+He as simple example to illustrate fundamental concepts of intermolecular interactions. — •Nima-Noah Nahvi, David Müller, and Otto Dopfer
15:00 MO 18.3 Investigation of the homogeneous line width of organic molecules attached to rare-gas clusters — •Arne Morlok, Ulrich Bangert, Lukas Bruder, Ylin Li, and Frank Stienkemeier
15:15 MO 18.4 Experimental cross sections for the uptake of alkyl alcohols by binary HNO3/H2O clustersYihui Yan, Andriy Pysanenko, Karolina Farnikova, Eva Pluharova, Michal Farnik, and •Jozef Lengyel
15:30 MO 18.5 Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy of tetracene in the gas phase and in helium nanodropletsAudrey Scognamiglio, Nicolas Rendler, •Sebastian Hartweg, and Frank Stienkemeier
15:45 MO 18.6 Plasmon quenching of a single gold nanoparticle in the gas phase — •Björn Bastian, Benjamin Hoffmann, Sophia Leippe, and Knut R. Asmis
16:00 MO 18.7 Setup Of A Spectrometer To Detect Raman Optical Activity — •Klaus Hofmann and Ingo Fischer
16:15 MO 18.8 Salt effects on the translocation dynamics of polycationic peptide nucleic acids through a protein nanopore — •Ioana Cezara Bucataru, Alina Asandei, Loredana Mereuta, and Tudor Luchian
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