SKM 2023 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Mittwoch, 29. März 2023, 17:00–19:00, P3

Potential of La-doped SrTiO3 thin films grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy for thermoelectric applications — •Mohamed Abdeldayem1, Aykut Baki1, Carlos Morales Sánchez3, Jan Ingo Flege3, Detlef Klimm1, Andreas Fiedler1, Oliver Bierwagen2, and Jutta Schwarzkopf11Leibniz Institut für Kristallzüchtung, Berlin, Germany — 2Paul Drude Institut für Festkörperelektronik, Berlin, Germany — 3Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany

Conversion of waste heat energy into electrical energy by exploiting the thermoelectric effect in solids promises a great contribution to energy harvesting concepts. However, most thermoelectric materials use toxic Pb or Te. Recently, La-doped SrTiO3 has gained a lot of interest as a potential candidate for thermoelectric devices for its good thermoelectric properties, chemical and thermal stability. In this paper, we report the homoepitaxial growth of La-doped SrTiO3 thin films by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) technique, which works at high oxygen partial pressures and offers upscaling potential for industry. The adjustment of charge carrier concentration, necessary for thermoelectric power factor optimization, was performed by introducing a defined amount of the metal-organic precursor La(tmhd)3 and tetraglyme to the liquid precursor solution. X-ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy verified a pure perovskite phase with high structural quality. The electrical conductivity increases linearly with the La concentration in the gas phase, which is attributed to the substitution of La+3 ions on the Sr+2 sites inferred from photoemission spectroscopy.

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