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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 32: Focus Session: Physics of Fluctuating Paths (joint session DY/CPP)

DY 32.1: Vortrag

Mittwoch, 29. März 2023, 15:00–15:15, ZEU 160

Towards a stochastic thermodynamics of fields and tracers — •Sarah A.M. Loos1, Davide Venturelli2, Benjamin Walter3, Edgar Roldan4, and Andrea Gambassi21DAMTP, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK — 2SISSA, Trieste, Italy — 3Imperial College London, UK — 4ICTP, Trieste, Italy

Many results of stochastic thermodynamics, including the close connection between entropy production and stochastic heat dissipation, rely on physical assumptions, e.g., break down if there is no clear separation into "fast equilibrium bath degrees of freedom" and "slow nonequilibrium degrees of freedom". In this talk, I will discuss some insights into thermodynamic notions of nonequilibrium systems that do not fall into the usual paradigm of stochastic thermodynamics. In particular, we develop a thermodynamic description for systems consisting of tracer particles coupled to correlated scalar fields with thermal fluctuations in terms of trajectory-wise energy flows of the particle and the field, as well as the joint entropy production rate measured by path-probability ratios. As an illustration, we consider the case in which the particle is dragged by a harmonic trap through a complex medium described by a fluctuating Gaussian field. Using a perturbative approach, we uncover three dynamical regimes with distinct scaling behavior of the power and discuss the heat dissipation occurring within the field.

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