Regensburg 2004 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Oberflächenphysik

O 3: Nanostrukturen I

O 3.3: Vortrag

Montag, 8. März 2004, 11:45–12:00, H36

Tip-substrate interactions: structure and electronic states — •A.L. Klavsyuk1, V.S. Stepanyuk2, I. Mertig2, W. Hergert1, P. Bruno2, and J. Kirschner21Fachbereich Physik, Martin-Luther-Universität, Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1, 06120 Halle, Germany — 2Max-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik, Weinberg 2, D-06120 Halle, Germany

Atom resolved scanning tunneling microscopy images are known to depend on the nature of the tip and its interaction with the surface. Using ab-initio KKR Green’s function method we calculate electronic structure of the tip and the substrate in a fully relaxed geometry. Atomic relaxations are performed using ab-initio based many body potentials in the tight-binding approximation. Parameters of potentials are fitted to KKR results for low dimension system. We concentrate on Co adatoms on Cu(001) and study the interaction of the Cu tip with Co/Cu(001). We demonstrate that due to the tip-substrate interaction one can produce 1D embedded Co structures. Recent experiments [1] have reported that such structures can be stable even at room temperature.

[1] O.Kurnosikov et al., Europhys. Lett., 64 (1), pp. 77-83 (2003).

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