Regensburg 2007 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 31: Bio- and Molecular Magnetism

Freitag, 30. März 2007, 11:00–12:45, H10

11:00 MA 31.1 Enhanced magnetocaloric effect in frustrated magnetic molecules with icosahedral symmetry — •Jürgen Schnack and Johannes Richter
11:15 MA 31.2 A first-principles DFT study of magnetic exchange paths in a BH4-bridged dinickel(II) complex — •Claudia Loose
11:30 MA 31.3 Growth and electronic structure of tetracyanoethylene on noble metals studied by scanning tunneling microscopy — •Daniel Wegner, Ryan Yamachika, Yayu Wang, and Mike Crommie
11:45 MA 31.4 Magnetic properties of organometallic complexes studied by XMCD — •Paolo Imperia, Maria Benedetta Casu, Michael Martins, and Thomas Chassé
12:00 MA 31.5 Magnetic properties of high-spin tetranuclear Nickel(II) molecular complex — •Christian Golze, Rüdiger Klingeler, Bernd Büchner, Vladislav Kataev, Michel Goiran, Jean M. Broto, Harison Rakoto, and Berthold Kersting
12:15 MA 31.6 Electronic structure of Mn12-complexes chemically grafted on Au(111) — •Mikhail Fonin, Sönke Voss, Michael Burgert, Yury Dedkov, Ulrich Groth, and Ulrich Rüdiger
12:30 MA 31.7 High field level crossing studies on spin dimers in the low dimensional quantum spin system Na2T2(C2O4)3(H2O)2 with T=Ni,Co,Fe,Mn — •Christopher Mennerich, Hans-Henning Klauss, Anja Wolter, Stefan Süllow, Jochen Litterst, Christian Golze, Vladik Kataev, Rüdiger Klingeler, Vladik Kataev, and Daniel Price
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