Regensburg 2007 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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SYPE: Symposium Polyelectrolytes

SYPE 1: Polyelectrolytes Poster

Mittwoch, 28. März 2007, 16:00–18:30, Poster B

16:00 SYPE 1.1 Hollow Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Tubes: Preparation and mechanical charaterisation — •Renate Müller, Lars Dähne, and Fery Andreas
16:00 SYPE 1.2 Preparation and characterization of nanocomposite films with switch effect — •W. Wang, A. Laschewsky, and P. Müller-Buschbaum
16:00 SYPE 1.3 Experiments with single colloids — •Kegler Kati, Gutsche Christof, Salomo Mathias, and Kremer Friedrich
16:00 SYPE 1.4 Conductivity spectra of polyphosphazene based polyelectrolyte multilayers — •Yahya Akgöl, Christian Hofmann, Yunus Karatas, Cornelia Cramer, Hans-Dieter Wiemhöfer, and Monika Schönhoff
16:00 SYPE 1.5 Effective charge of polyelectrolytes as a function of the solvent permittivity — •Ute Böhme and Ulrich Scheler
16:00 SYPE 1.6 Diffusion and binding of phenol in sub-micron polyelectrolyte capsule dispersions measured using PFG-NMR — •Rudra Prosad Choudhury and Monika Schönhoff
16:00 SYPE 1.7 The Influence of Secondary Interactions during the Formation of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers: Layer Thickness, Bound Water and Layer Interpenetration — •Manesh Gopinadhan, Oxana Ivanova, Heiko Ahrens, Jens-Uwe Günther, Roland Steitz, and Christiane A. Helm
16:00 SYPE 1.8 Deposition and nanostructure of poly(ethyleneimine)/poly(acrylic acid) multilayers in dependence of polyelectrolyte concentration — •Martin Müller, Bernd Keßler, and Wuye Ouyang
16:00 SYPE 1.9 Layer-by-layer Polyelectrolyte films containing magnetite nanoparticles: Construction and magnetic properties — •Marjolein Neeleman and Andreas Fery
16:00 SYPE 1.10 Molecular weight dependence of PEO permeation through the walls of hollow polyelectrolyte capsules — •Rudra Prosad Choudhury, Petrik Galvosas, and Monika Schönhoff
16:00 SYPE 1.11 Measurement of long-ranged steric forces between polyelectrolyte covered surfaces — •Stephan Block and Christiane Helm
16:00 SYPE 1.12 Direct evidence of Layer-by-Layer assembly of polyelectrolyte multilayers on soft and porous temperature sensitive PNiPAM-microgel using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy — •John Erik Wong, Walter Richtering, and André Laschewsky
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