Dresden 2009 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DF: Fachverband Dielektrische Festkörper

DF 6: Poster I

Dienstag, 24. März 2009, 09:30–12:30, P5

09:30 DF 6.1 Atomic layer deposition and characterization of bismuth oxide thin films — •Philipp Moritz Leufke, Nicole Donia, Sanjay Mathur, and Horst Hahn
09:30 DF 6.2 Electronic defect state mapping in strontium titanate by surface photovoltage and photoconductivity spectra — •Jana Becherer, Elke Beyreuther, Andreas Thiessen, Stefan Grafström, and Lukas M. Eng
09:30 DF 6.3 Hyperfeinwechselwirkung in dünnen Schichten von HfO2 — •Michael Steffens und Reiner Vianden
09:30 DF 6.4 Development of a precisely tuneable continuous-wave THz spectrometer with interferometric frequency control — •Holger Schmitz, Joachim Hemberger, Anselm Deninger, Axel Roggenbuck, and Markus Grüninger
09:30 DF 6.5 The electronic band diagram of thin PrO2(111) / Pr-silicate buffers on Si(111) and its relevance to dielectric properties — •Olaf Seifarth, Christian Walczyk, Grzegorz Lupina, Peter Zaumseil, Dieter Schmeißer, Hans-Joachim Müssig, and Thomas Schroeder
09:30 DF 6.6 Post deposition annealing induced transition from Pr2O3 to PrO2 films on Si(111) — •Thomas Weisemoeller, Florian Bertram, Sebastian Gevers, Andreas Greuling, Carsten Deiter, Holger Tobergte, Manfred Neumann, Joachim Wollschläger, Alessandro Giussani, and Thomas Schroeder
09:30 DF 6.7 Pulsed laser deposition of praseodymium oxide on silicon at oxygen background — •Biwang Yang, Markus Ratzke, and Jürgen Reif
09:30 DF 6.8 Structure and Physical Properties of A2/3Cu3Ti4O12 (A = Rare Earth) — •Stefan Riegg, Jürgen Sebald, Stephan Krohns, Stefan G. Ebbinghaus, Peter Lunkenheimer, Alois Loidl, and Armin Reller
09:30 DF 6.9 Influence of rare earth doping on the phase transition characteristic of strontium barium niobate and a comparison to calcium barium niobate — •Alexander Niemer, Urs Heine, Uwe Voelker, Klaus Betzler, and Manfred Muehlberg
09:30 DF 6.10 Strain and electric field effects on the dielectric permittivity of epitaxial SrTiO3 thin films — •Sebastian Engmann, Veit Grosse, Robert Haehle, Janine Fischer, and Paul Seidel
09:30 DF 6.11 Micro- and nano-patterning of lithium niobate — •Thomas Gischkat, Frank Schrempel, Holger Hartung, Ernst-Bernhard Kley, Andreas Tünnermann, and Werner Wesch
09:30 DF 6.12 Ultra-fast detection of multi-wave mixing on optically induced microstructures — •Annika Kruse, Bettina Schoke, and Mirco Imlau
09:30 DF 6.13 A Versatile Surface Modification Method for Mesoporous TiO2 — •Dereje Hailu Taffa, Kathiresan Murugavel, and Lorenz Walder
09:30 DF 6.14 Preparation and characterization of [Fe(CN)5NO]2− electrostatically attached to TiO2 surfacesVolker Dieckmann, •Sebastian Eicke, Mirco Imlau, Dereje Hailu Taffa, Lorenz Walder, and Theo Woike
09:30 DF 6.15 BaTiO3 nanotubes grown by a sol-gel template method — •Richard Boucher, Peter Renz, and Ki Yoon
09:30 DF 6.16 Laser Light Scattering by 3D Phase Lattices — •Björn Brüser and Ullrich Pietsch
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