Dresden 2009 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Dienstag, 24. März 2009, 09:30–12:30, P5

Thermoelectrically effective mixed crystals in the system PbS - SnS — •Dzianis M. Unuchak1, Vasiliy A. Ivanov2, Klaus Bente1, Reinhard Denecke3, Igor Konovalov3, Gert Kloess1, and Valeriy F. Gremenok21Institut für Mineralogie, Kristallographie und Materialwissenschaft, Universität Leipzig, Scharnhorststraße 20, D-04275 Leipzig, Deutschland — 2Joint Institute of Solid State and Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, P. Brovka str. 19, 220072 Minsk, Belarus — 3Wilhelm-Ostwald-Institut, Universität Leipzig, Linnéstr. 2, D-04103 Leipzig, Deutschland

The ternary semiconductor PbSnS2 (teallite), which shows complete miscibility with SnS is very rarely described in literature. The changing of the thermoelectric coefficient of those mixed crystals by variation of chemical composition is of great interest for thermoelectrical applications. The targets of PbS-SnS alloys were synthesized from stoichiometric mixtures of the elements in a vacuum-sealed quartz ampoule. Thin films were prepared from these starting materials by hot wall evaporation method on chemically cleaned glass and Ge substrates at 70-200 oC at vacuum pressure of 7·10−4 Pa. X-ray characterization revealed that thin films were polycrystalline. XRD patterns of the thin films showed a minimization of interface misfits by increase of Pb-content. Surface morphology and cross sections of the films were investigated using SEM and TEM including EDX measurements. Absorption coefficient of PbS-SnS thin films (>104 cm−1) was optically determined. Its fundamental absorption edge is 1.2-1.65 eV. At room temperatures Seebeck coefficients from 0.02 to of 0.4 mV/K were found.

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