Dresden 2009 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 27: Poster II

Donnerstag, 26. März 2009, 16:00–18:00, P1B

16:00 DY 27.1 Effective degrees of freedom and hyperbolicity of infinite dimensional systems — •Hongliu Yang and Guenter Radons
16:00 DY 27.2 Hamiltonian dynamics with a disordered one-dimensional kick-potential — •Ines Hartwig and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 27.3 Lyapunov spectrum of linear Delay Differential Equation with time-varying delay — •Andreas Otto and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 27.4 Synchronization of chaotic units with time delayed bi-directional couplingsAnja Englert, •Sven Heiligenthal, and Wolfgang Kinzel
16:00 DY 27.5 Entropy calculation of Markov processes with varying order via Blackwell’s measure — •Michael Bauer and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 27.6 Dynamics of Hysteretic Systems with Preisach-Nonlinearity — •Andreas Zienert and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 27.7 Local Low Dimensionality and Predictability in the Lorenz96 Model of Atmospheric Dynamics — •Stefan Siegert and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 27.8 Oscillatory Zoning in binary solid solution: a non-linear analysisTanja Mues and •Andreas Heuer
16:00 DY 27.9 Hydrodynamic Lyapunov modes in binary 1D-Lennard-Jones fluids — •Christian Drobniewski and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 27.10 Complex behavior of dimensional collapse of iterated maps with fluctuating delay times — •Jian Wang, Hong-liu Yang, and Günter Radons
16:00 DY 27.11 Effect of curvature on the low-frequency fidelity of an active cochlea model — •Verena Sterr and Andreas Engel
16:00 DY 27.12 Cluster and splay states in networks of delay-coupled Stuart-Landau oscillators — •Chol-Ung Choe, Thomas Dahms, Philipp Hövel, and Eckehard Schöll
16:00 DY 27.13 Dynamical trapping and chaotic scattering of the harmonically driven barrier — •Florian Koch, Florian Lenz, Christoph Petri, Fotis Diakonos, and Peter Schmelcher
16:00 DY 27.14 Occurrence of normal and anomalous diffusion in the time-dependent elliptical billiard — •Christoph Petri, Florian Lenz, Florian Koch, Fotis Diakonos, and Peter Schmelcher
16:00 DY 27.15 Complete synchronization of chaotic systems with time delayed coupling — •Thomas Jüngling, Hartmut Benner, Hiroyuki Shirahama, and Kazuhiro Fukushima
16:00 DY 27.16 Time delay and noise in the Kuramoto model of coupled oscillators — •Lucas Wetzel, Saul Ares, Andrew C. Oates, and Frank Julicher
16:00 DY 27.17 Dynamical phase diagrams for spiral waves attached to obstacles and suppression of spiral waves by boundary effects — •Claudia Hamann, Mario Einax, and Philipp Maass
16:00 DY 27.18 Network communications: Applications to epileptic seizures — •Cornelia Petrovic and Rudolf Friedrich
16:00 DY 27.19 Data assimilation as a hamiltonian boundary value problem — •Jochen Bröcker
16:00 DY 27.20 Structure of Bred Vectors in Spatiotemporal Chaos — •Sarah Hallerberg, Diego Pazó, Juan M. López, and Miguel A. Rodríguez
16:00 DY 27.21 Detecting chaos and determining the dimensions of tori in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattices by the Generalized Alignment Index method — •Charalampos Skokos, Tassos Bountis, and Chris Antonopoulos
16:00 DY 27.22 Renyi Entropies of Quasi-Periodically Forced Nonlinear Systems — •Annette Witt
16:00 DY 27.23 Scenarios for generalized synchronization with chaotic drivingTh. Umeshkanta Singh, •Amitabha Nandi, and Ram Ramaswamy
16:00 DY 27.24 Ising and Bloch fronts in parametrically forced oscillating lattices — •Ernesto M. Nicola and Diego Pazo
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