Hannover 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 26: Electron Scattering and Recombination / Interaction of Matter with Ions (with MO)

Freitag, 12. März 2010, 10:30–12:45, B 302

10:30 A 26.1 Hauptvortrag: Electron-initiated ChemistrySlim Chourou, Valery Ngassam, Asa Larson, and •Ann Orel
11:00 A 26.2 Hauptvortrag: Astrophysically motivated electron collisions studies on M-shell iron ions — •Michael Lestinsky, Oldřich Novotný, Michael Hahn, Dietrich Bernhardt, Stefan Schippers, Alfred Müller, Claude Krantz, Manfred Grieser, Roland Repnow, Andreas Wolf, Nigel Badnell, and Daniel Wolf Savin
11:30 A 26.3 Finite basis set approach to the two--center Dirac problem — •Anton Artemyev and Andrey Surzhykov
11:45 A 26.4 Relativistic electron-ion recombination assisted by an intense laser field — •Carsten Müller, Alexander B. Voitkiv, and Bennaceur Najjari
12:00 A 26.5 Theory of higher-order resonant recombination processes in highly charged ions — •Zoltán Harman, Octavian Postavaru, Jacek Zatorski, and Christoph H. Keitel
12:15 A 26.6 Measuring recoil ion momenta with high precision — •Simone Götz, Christoph S. Hofmann, Terry Mullins, Matthias Weidemüller, Alexey Sokolov, Wolfgang Quint, and Thomas Amthor
12:30 A 26.7 Collisions of low-energy antiprotons with He atoms — •Armin Lühr and Alejandro Saenz
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