Hannover 2010 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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Q: Fachverband Quantenoptik und Photonik

Q 39: Quantum Information: Atoms and Ions III

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010, 16:30–19:00, E 214

16:30 Q 39.1 Gruppenbericht: Optical trapping of an ion — •Christian Schneider, Martin Enderlein, Thomas Huber, Stephan Duewel, Robert Matjeschk, Hector Schmitz, and Tobias Schaetz
17:00 Q 39.2 Quantum gate between logical qubits in decoherence-free subspace implemented with trapped ions — •Peter Ivanov, Ulrich Poschinger, Kilian Singer, and Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler
17:15 Q 39.3 Realization of a quantum walk with one and two trapped ions — •Florian Zähringer, Gerhard Kirchmair, Rene Gerritsma, Enrique Solano, Rainer Blatt, and Christian Roos
17:30 Q 39.4 Combining dressed states and ion traps for coherent qubits — •Nuala Timoney, Ingo Baumgart, and Christof Wunderlich
17:45 Q 39.5 Ion-Photon and Photon-Ion Interfaces for Quantum NetworksFelix Rohde, Nicolas Piro, Carsten Schuck, Marc Almendros, Jan Huwer, Joyee Ghosh, Markus Hennrich, Albrecht Haase, Francois Dubin, and •Jürgen Eschner
18:00 Q 39.6 Trapping of Ytterbium Ions with a Stylus Trap — •Andrea Golla, Robert Maiwald, Simon Heugel, Alessandro Villar, Markus Sondermann, and Gerd Leuchs
18:15 Q 39.7 Quantum Gates utilizing the Phonon Modes of an Ion Coulomb Crystal in a Magnetic Field — •Jens Domagoj Baltrusch, Antonio Negretti, Jacob M. Taylor, and Tommaso Calarco
18:30 Q 39.8 State-independent experimental test of quantum contextuality with trapped ions — •Gerhard Kirchmair, Florian Zähringer, Rene Gerritsma, Matthias Kleinmann, Ottfried Gühne, Adan Cabello, Rainer Blatt, and Christian F. Roos
18:45 Q 39.9 Quantum simulation of the Dirac equationRene Gerritsma, Gerhard Kirchmair, Florian Zähringer, Enrique Solano, Rainer Blatt, and •Christian Roos
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