Dresden 2011 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 7: Poster I

Montag, 14. März 2011, 16:00–18:30, P1

16:00 A 7.1 Parity-Violation in Hydrogen: Precision Enhancement through Many-Particle Squeezing — •Martin-Isbjörn Trappe, Thomas Gasenzer, and Otto Nachtmann
16:00 A 7.2 Hartree-Fock calculations of the photoionization of light to medium atoms and ions in neutron star magnetic fieldsPeter Diemand, Thorsten Kersting, •Damir Zajec, and Günter Wunner
16:00 A 7.3 Hartree-Fock calculations for the photoionization of heavy atoms and ions in neutron star magnetic fieldsPeter Diemand, •Thorsten Kersting, Damir Zajec, and Günter Wunner
16:00 A 7.4 Correlation function quantum Monte Carlo calculations for ground and excited states of many-electron atoms and ions in neutron star magnetic fields — •Sebastian Boblest, Dirk Meyer, and Günter Wunner
16:00 A 7.5 Recent Improvements in Transport and Application of Hyperpolarized Xe-129 — •Maricel Repetto, Mathis Düwel, Werner Heil, Hans W. Spiess, Peter Blümler, and Kerstin Münnemann
16:00 A 7.6 Numerical signatures of non-selfadjointness in quantum Hamiltonians — •Matthias Ruf, Carsten Müller, and Rainer Grobe
16:00 A 7.7 Construction of a Compact 3He Polarizing Facility for Local Usage — •Christian Mrozik, Oliver Endner, Christopher Hauke, Werner Heil, Sergei Karpuk, Jan Klemmer, and Ernst Otten
16:00 A 7.8 Ultracold long-range giant dipole molecules in crossed electric and magnetic fields — •Markus Kurz, Michael Mayle, and Peter Schmelcher
16:00 A 7.9 Building mathematical foundations for time-dependent density functional theory — •Markus Penz and Michael Ruggenthaler
16:00 A 7.10 Complex dilation for time-dependent phenomena in driven helium — •Felix Jörder, Pierre Lugan, Vera Neimanns, Klaus Zimmermann, and Andreas Buchleitner
16:00 A 7.11 Strong-field laser atom interaction: dynamic resonances and laser-induced states — •Thomas Keil and Dieter Bauer
16:00 A 7.12 High-Order Harmonic Generation in the Presence of a Resonance — •Maria Tudorovskaya and Manfred Lein
16:00 A 7.13 Engineering the Coherences at the Single-Atom Level — •Andrea Alberti, Michal Karski, Leonid Förster, Andreas Steffen, Noomen Belmechri, Wolfgang Alt, Artur Widera, and Dieter Meschede
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