Berlin 2012 – scientific programme

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Browser based offline version

This version allows you to browse the scientific programme using a decent browser on computers or other devices like those powered by iOS or Android. While it requires JavaScript, it does not require a network connection after you opened the page for the first time. This version has a limited functionality of just browsing the content including a simple fulltext search, but not allowing for an individual selection.

Start the browser based offline version

You can also download the browser based offline version as a zip file (4475.3 KB), unzip it (do not just click into the zip file) and open start.html. This option is applicable for devices only where you have access to the file system. On the flip side this also works for browsers not supporting offline web applications (like the Internet Explorer version 9 and below). Another workaround (like on devices empowered by out of date versions of Android, which may silently fail to save the database for offline use on large conferences) is to use a decent alternative browser instead of the system default.

Software based offline version

This version is basically identical to the online version. It requires a Microsoft Windows or Unix operating system (like Mac OS X or Linux). You can download the software a zip file (14893.2 KB).

PDF based offline version

The PDF based version consists of a extensive set of static HTML and PDF files. It can be browsed online or can be downloaded as a zip file (164527.7 KB). Programme updates are not included in this version.

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