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DY: Fachverband Dynamik und Statistische Physik

DY 15: Statistical Physics far from equilibrium

Mittwoch, 28. März 2012, 09:30–13:30, MA 004

09:30 DY 15.1 Hauptvortrag: Fluctuations and State Variables in Driven Granular Materials — •Karen Daniels
10:00 DY 15.2 Spin Glass to Ferromagnet: Ageing Simulations on GPUs — •Markus Manssen, Martin Weigel, and Alexander K. Hartmann
10:15 DY 15.3 Microscopic Scattering Theory for Interacting Bosons in a Random PotentialTobias Geiger, •Thomas Wellens, and Andreas Buchleitner
10:30 DY 15.4 (contribution withdrawn) Pressure fluctuations lead to assembly of smectic domains — •Marco Mazza and Martin Schoen
10:45 DY 15.5 How to capture self-propelled particles — •Andreas Kaiser, Henricus H. Wensink, and Hartmut Löwen
11:00 DY 15.6 Experimentally realizable control functions: optimal control with arbitrary basis functions — •Selina Rohrer, Joachim Ankerhold, and Jürgen Stockburger
11:30 DY 15.7 Quantum cold ion heat engine at maximal efficiency — •Obinna Abah, Sebastian Deffner, Georg Jakob, Johannes Rossnagel, Kilian Singer, Ferdinard Schmidt-Kaler, and Eric Lutz
11:45 DY 15.8 Counting statistics of an electronic Maxwell’s demon — •Gernot Schaller, Clive Emary, Gerold Kiesslich, and Tobias Brandes
12:00 DY 15.9 Current fluctuation theorems under incomplete monitoring — •Thilo Krause, Gernot Schaller, and Tobias Brandes
12:15 DY 15.10 Thermodynamics of genuine non-equilibrium states under feedback control — •David Abreu and Udo Seifert
12:30 DY 15.11 Information free energy for nonequilibrium statesSebastian Deffner and •Eric Lutz
12:45 DY 15.12 The thermodynamic cost of measurements — •Léo Granger and Holger Kantz
13:00 DY 15.13 Topical Talk: Impact of interaction effects on hopping transport in driven systems — •Mario Einax
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