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KR: Fachgruppe Kristallographie

KR 2: Joint Session "Multiferroics I - Junctions and Thin Films / Magnetoelectric Coupling" (MA jointly with DF, DS, KR, TT), Organization: Manfred Fiebig (ETH Zürich)

Montag, 26. März 2012, 09:30–12:45, EB 301

09:30 KR 2.1 Topical Talk: Reversible electrical switching of spin polarization in multiferroic tunnel junctions — •Marin Alexe, Daniel Pantel, Silvana Götze, and Dietrich Hesse
10:00 KR 2.2 First Principles Modelling of Spin Transport in Functional Oxide Tunnel Junctions — •Nuala M. Caffrey, Thomas Archer, Ivan Rungger, and Stefano Sanvito
10:15 KR 2.3 FeO at Iron/Oxide interfaces — •Andrea Neroni, Daniel Wortmann, Ersoy Sasioglu, Stefan Blügel, and Marjana Ležaić
10:30 KR 2.4 Thermally stimulated currents in BiFeO3 — •Akash Bhatnagar, Ayan Roy Chaudhuri, Dietrich Hesse, and Marin Alexe
10:45 KR 2.5 Preparation and characterization of multiferroic thin films grown with an Oxid-MBE — •Paul Zakalek, Markus Waschk, Alexander Weber, and Thomas Brückel
11:15 KR 2.6 Guest molecules in ABX3 metal-organic frameworks: multiferroicity and magnetoelectricity — •Alessandro Stroppa, Prashant Jain, Paolo Barone, Martijn Marsman, Juan Manuel Perez-Mato, Anthony K. Cheetham, Harold W. Kroto, and Silvia Picozzi
11:30 KR 2.7 magnetoelectric effects in the cubic ferrimagnet Cu2OSeO3 — •Maria Eleni Belesi, Mohamed Abid, Helmuth Berger, and Jean-Philippe Ansermet
11:45 KR 2.8 Microscopic Mechanisms for Magnetoelectric Effect in LiMPO4 (M=Mn,Fe,Co,Ni) — •Andrea Scaramucci, Eric Bousquet, and Nicola Spaldin
12:00 KR 2.9 Manipulation of the antiferromagnetic structure in LiNi(1−x)FexPO4 (x = 0.03, 0.2) by iron substitution — •Anne Zimmermann and Manfred Fiebig
12:15 KR 2.10 Multiferroicity and magnetoelectricity in a doped topological ferroelectricMarco Scarrozza, Maria Barbara Maccioni, Giorgia M. Lopez, Alessio Filippetti, and •Vincenzo Fiorentini
12:30 KR 2.11 Ab initio study of the properties of BaTiO3/Co-Pt alloy interface — •Konstantin Z. Rushchanskii, Stefan Blügel, and Marjana Ležaić
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