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KR: Fachgruppe Kristallographie

KR 4: Joint Session "Multiferroics III - Strain / New Routes towards Multiferroicity" (MA jointly with DF, DS, KR, TT)

Dienstag, 27. März 2012, 09:30–12:45, EB 301

09:30 KR 4.1 Substrate influence on the strain in epitaxially grown BiCrO3 thin films investigated using Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction — •Andreas Talkenberger, Cameliu Himcinschi, Kannan Vijayanandhini, David Rafaja, Ionela Vrejoiu, Torsten Weißbach, Christian Röder, and Jens Kortus
09:45 KR 4.2 Directly probing the effect of strain on magnetic exchange interactions — •Kathrin Dörr, Andreas Herklotz, Hans-Martin Christen, and Michael Biegalski
10:00 KR 4.3 Induced magnetoelectric response in Pnma perovskites — •Eric Bousquet and Nicola Spaldin
10:15 KR 4.4 Search for strain-induced ferroelectricity in EuO films — •Carsten Becher, Masakazu Matsubara, Andreas Schmehl, Jochen Mannhart, Darrell G. Schlom, and Manfred Fiebig
10:30 KR 4.5 On the lattice engineering of magnetoelectric couplin — •Michael Fechner and Nicola Spaldin
10:45 KR 4.6 First principles study of Mn2O3 under pressure: Competition between Jahn-Teller distortion and charge disproportionation — •Carmen Quiroga and Rossitza Pentcheva
11:00 KR 4.7 Investigation of Magnetoelectric Coupling in Self Assembled Ferromagnetic/Ferroelectric Heterostructures — •Fikret Yildiz, Chan-Ho Yang, Sinan Kazan, Yoon-He Jeong, and Bekir Aktas
11:15 KR 4.8 Strain Determination in Magnetoelectric Composite Systems by X-ray Diffraction Methods — •Christian Koops, Madjid Abes, Stjepan Hrkac, Bridget Murphy, Olaf Magnussen, Eric Woltermann, Henry Greve, and Eckhard Quandt
11:45 KR 4.9 Relaxor ferroelectricity in pure and doped magnetite — •Eugen Ruff, Florian Schrettle, Stephan Krohns, Peter Lunkenheimer, Victor A. M. Brabers, and Alois Loidl
12:00 KR 4.10 Full-potential DFT+U study of orbitally ordered systems: the importance of non-spherical contributions and double counting — •Adam Jakobsson, Biplab Sanyal, Ivetta Slipukhina, Marjana Ležaic, Ersoy Sasioglu, Gustav Bihlmayer, and Stefan Blügel
12:15 KR 4.11 Ab initio calculations of the magnetic properties of ordered perovskites — •Igor Maznichenko, Alberto Marmodoro, Martin Lüders, Zdzislawa Szotek, Walter Temmerman, Ingrid Mertig, and Arthur Ernst
12:30 KR 4.12 Crystal growth and scattering investigations of YFe2O4− δ — •Thomas Müller, Joost de Groot, Jörg Strempfer, and Manuel Angst
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