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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 3: Bio- and Molecular Magnetism

Montag, 26. März 2012, 09:30–12:30, EB 202

09:30 MA 3.1 Influence of an intermediate oxygen layer on the magnetic and electronic properties of Fe and Co porphyrin molecules on Cu(001) — •Heike C. Herper, Matthias Bernien, Claudia Weis, Carolin Antoniak, Bernhard Krumme, Jorge Miguel, Sumanta Bhandary, Biplab Sanyal, Dietger Bovenschen, Olle Eriksson, Peter Entel, Wolfgang Kuch, and Heiko Wende
09:45 MA 3.2 Magnetic measurements of a Nickel(II) Double Cubane — •Wolfgang Kroener, Andreas Scheurer, Klaus Gieb, Rolf W. Saalfrank, Michael Stocker, and Paul Müller
10:00 MA 3.3 Spin densities in high-spin states of Mn(III) and Cu(II) tripelsalen model complexes — •Stefan Leiding, Dirk Andrae, Andrei Postnikov, and Jürgen Schnack
10:15 MA 3.4 Magnetocaloric properties of gadolinium based heterometallic molecules studied by the finite-temperature Lanczos methodChristian Heesing, Oliver Wendland, Thomas N. Hooper, Euan Brechin, and •Jürgen Schnack
10:30 MA 3.5 Coherent Manipulation of Electron Spins in a {Cu3} Spin Triangle Complex — •Choi K.-Y., Kumar P., Lemmens P., Bassil B. S., Kortz U., Nojiri H., Wang Z. X., Tol J. van, and Dalal N. S.
10:45 MA 3.6 Propagation of spin information at supra-molecular scale through hetero-aromatic linkers — •Valerio Bellini, Th. B. Faust, G. A. Timco, G. Lorusso, A. Candini, F. Tuna, E. J. L. McInnes, R. G. Pritchard, S. J. Teat, W. Wernsdorfer, R. E. P. Winpenny, and M. Affronte
11:15 MA 3.7 Magnetic coupling between metalloporphyrins and Ni films across a graphene sheet — •Christian Felix Hermanns, Kartick Tarafder, Mattias Bernien, Alex Krüger, Yin-Ming Chang, Anton Bruch, Peter Oppeneer, and Wolfgang Kuch
11:30 MA 3.8 Direct observation of a ferri-to-ferromagnetic transition in a fluoride-bridged 3d-4f molecular cluster — •Jan Dreiser, Kasper S. Pedersen, Cinthia Piamonteze, Stefano Rusponi, Zaher Salman, Md. Ehesan Ali, Magnus Schau-Magnussen, Christian Aa. Thuesen, Stergios Piligkos, Hoegni Weihe, Hannu Mutka, Oliver Waldmann, Peter Oppeneer, Jesper Bendix, Frithjof Nolting, and Harald Brune
11:45 MA 3.9 Ab initio inspection of magnetic and redox bistability — •Mikaël Kepenekian
12:00 MA 3.10 Quantized Ferromagnetic Spin Waves in Mn7-Disks Identified by their Q Dependence in Inelastic Neutron Scattering Experiments — •Joscha Nehrkorn, Oliver Waldmann, Shreya Mukherjee, George Christou, Thierry Strässle, and Hannu Mutka
12:15 MA 3.11 Different magnetization blocking mechanisms in 3d4f heterometallic single-molecular magnets; an experimental study — •Alexander Sundt, K. C. Modal, Y. Lan, C. E. Anson, L. Ungur, A. K. Powell, L. Chibotaru, and Oliver Waldmann
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