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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 67: Metal surfaces: Adsorption of H/O and inorganic molecules

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012, 10:30–12:45, MA 043

10:30 O 67.1 Two-Level Conductance Fluctuations of a Single-Molecule Junction — •Nicolas Néel, Jörg Kröger, and Richard Berndt
10:45 O 67.2 Tilting, bending and nonterminal sites in CO on Cu(001) — •Holger L. Meyerheim, Ramesh Thamankar, Arthur Ernst, Sergei Ostanin, Igor V. Maznichenko, Elena Soyka, Ingrid Mertig, and Jürgen Kirschner
11:00 O 67.3 Ab-initio study of the stability of Fe3Al surfaces in contact with an oxygen atmosphere — •Afshin Izanlou, Mira Todorova, Martin Friak, and Jörg Neugebauer
11:15 O 67.4 Iodine on Pt(110) - competing phases — •Nadja Oberkalmsteiner, Michael Cordin, and Erminald Bertel
11:30 O 67.5 Structure and characterization of the hydrogen-bonded NH3-NO coadsorption on Pt(111): an ab-initio study. — •Andrea Cepellotti, Angelo Peronio, and Maria Peressi
11:45 O 67.6 Ordered domain-wall structure of Ir(100)-(2×1)-O — •Pascal Ferstl, Tobias Schmitt, Lutz Hammer, and M. Alexander Schneider
12:00 O 67.7 Interactions of 2nd row high electron affinity elements with Mg(0001) — •Su-Ting Cheng, Mira Todorova, and Jörg Neugebauer
12:15 O 67.8 Coadsorption of deuterium and CO on PtRu/Ru(0001) model surfaces - The influence of surface structure — •Thomas Diemant, Heinrich Hartmann, Joachim Bansmann, and Rolf Jürgen Behm
12:30 O 67.9 Exceptionally low friction of CrN/TiN multilayer coatings -- a combined experimental and theoretical study — •David Holec, Jörg Paulitsch, and Paul H. Mayrhofer
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