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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 8: Electron and spin dynamics

Montag, 26. März 2012, 10:30–13:00, A 060

10:30 O 8.1 Empty topological surface state on Bi2Se3 — •Daniel Niesner, Sergey Eremeev, Evgueni Chulkov, and Thomas Fauster
10:45 O 8.2 The role of the excitation pathway in the photoinduced melting of the CDW in 1T-TiSe2 — •Gerald Rohde, Stefan Hellmann, Timm Rohwer, Christian Sohrt, Ankatrin Stange, Kerstin Hanff, Lutz Kipp, Michael Bauer, and Kai Rossnagel
11:00 O 8.3 Electronic lifetimes in a Bi quantum well with Rashba spin-splitting — •Svenja Vollmar, Andreas Ruffing, Sebastian Jakobs, Alexander Baral, Mirko Cinchetti, Stefan Mathias, Martin Aeschlimann, and Hans Christian Schneider
11:15 O 8.4 Ultrafast melting of a charge-density wave in the Peierls insulator Rb:TaS2 — •Kerstin Hanff, Stefan Hellmann, Timm Rohwer, Michael Bauer, Lutz Kipp, and Kai Rossnagel
11:30 O 8.5 Singlet fission and efficient electron transfer from the ”dark” multi-exciton state in pentaceneWai-Lun Chan, •Manuel Ligges, Askat Jailaubekov, Loren Kaake, Luis Miaja-Avila, and Xiaoyang Zhu
11:45 O 8.6 The role of intermediate states in two-photon photoemission from Si(001) — •Henning Husser and Eckhard Pehlke
12:00 O 8.7 Orbital Symmetry Dependent Electron Transfer through Molecules Assembled on Metal Substrates — •Florian Blobner, Pedro Coto, Francesco Allegretti, Michel Bockstedte, Oscar Rubio-Pons, Haobin Wang, David Allara, Michael Zharnikov, Michael Thoss, and Peter Feulner
12:15 O 8.8 Trapping of image-potential resonances on free-electron-like metal surface — •Ulrich Höfer, Matthias Winter, Eugene V. Chulkov, and Pedro M. Echenique
12:30 O 8.9 Time-resolved 2PPE study on NiO(001) thin films — •Mario Kiel, Stephan Grosser, and Wolf Widdra
12:45 O 8.10 Hot carrier relaxation in HOPG probed at the H-point by means of time-resolved XUV photoemission — •Ankatrin Stange, Christian Sohrt, Timm Rohwer, Stefan Hellmann, Gerald Rohde, Kerstin Hanff, Lutz Kipp, Kai Rossnagel, and Michael Bauer
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