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GR: Fachverband Gravitation und Relativitätstheorie

GR 23: Poster (permanent)

GR 23.9: Poster

Freitag, 1. März 2013, 14:45–14:45, HS 6

Why Current Field Theories Are Doomed to Failure — •Claus Birkholz — Seydelstr. 7, D-10117 Berlin

Current field theories developed historically, in a bottom-up way. By appending one balcony after the other to old conceptions, the grand direction seems to have got lost meanwhile. This poster is outlining another, a top-down procedure starting with the most fundamental group-theoretical implications on general relativity (GR) and on quantum field theories (QFT's). Thus, it stopped systematically to preclude physics from answering the great questions.

Field theories are demonstrated to tumbling from one inconsistency to the next one, culminating in the "standard model", which is fitting hosts of parameters without scrutinizing if there is no better system to be fitted.

The most obvious example is quantum gravity, whose installation of a fully quantized GR failed since a century by the only reason that a bent space-time has not yet been accepted to be the simple result of a non-linear condition (2nd-order SU(2,2)-Casimir) leaving untouched the superposition principle of linear quantum theories.

And QFT's are suffering under their ignorance of (Kronecker-) singlets.

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