Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 8: Transport: Quantum dots, quantum wires, point contacts I (organized by TT)

Montag, 31. März 2014, 09:30–13:15, BEY 81

09:30 HL 8.1 Transport through nanostructures: Finite time vs. finite size — •Peter Schmitteckert, Sam Carr, and Hubert Saleur
09:45 HL 8.2 Towards steady state currents on finite systems — •Tim Collet and Peter Schmitteckert
10:00 HL 8.3 Kwant - a software package for quantum transport — •Michael Wimmer, Christoph Groth, Anton Akhmerov, and Xavier Waintal
10:15 HL 8.4 Non perturbative approach to transport through Anderson quantum dot: the influence of charge fluctuations — •Davide Mantelli and Milena Grifoni
10:30 HL 8.5 Energy current cotunnelling features for the Anderson quantum dot — •Niklas M. Gergs, Christoph B. M. Hörig, Dirk Schuricht, and Maarten R. Wegewijs
10:45 HL 8.6 Non-equilibrium transport through a Josephson quantum dot — •Jan Frederik Rentrop, Severin Jakobs, and Volker Meden
11:00 HL 8.7 Magneto-electric spectroscopy of Andreev bound states in Josephson quantum dots — •Nils Wentzell, Tobias Meng, Volker Meden, Sabine Andergassen, and Serge Florens
  11:15 15 min. break.
11:30 HL 8.8 In gap and out of gap features in the cotunneling spectroscopy of a superconductor coupled quantum dot — •Sascha Ratz and Milena Grifoni
11:45 HL 8.9 Unconventional superconductivity in quantum dot systemsBjörn Sothmann, •Stephan Weiss, Michele Governale, and Jürgen König
12:00 HL 8.10 The interplay of the proximity and Kondo effects in spin-resolved transport through quantum dots — •Krzysztof P. Wójcik and Ireneusz Weymann
12:15 HL 8.11 The electroluminescence of the transmission line driven by a biased quantum point contact — •Jinshuang Jin, Michael Marthaler, Andreas Heimes, and Gerd Schön
12:30 HL 8.12 Accumulation of spin anisotropy in a nanoparticle in the mesoscopic Stoner regime — •Philipp Stegmann, Björn Sothmann, and Jürgen König
12:45 HL 8.13 Overhauser effect in spin blockaded double quantum dots-the case of dual hysteresis — •Bhaskaran Muralidharan and Siddharth Buddhiraju
13:00 HL 8.14 Fixing the Energy Scale in Scanning Tunneling Microscopy on Semiconductor SurfacesGerhard Münnich, •Andrea Donarini, Jascha Repp, and Martin Wenderoth
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