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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 37: Posters: Plasmonics, Electronic Structure and Spin-Orbit Interaction, Semiconductor and Insulator Surfaces, Nanostructures

Dienstag, 1. April 2014, 18:30–22:00, P2

18:30 O 37.1 Free-standing gold nanoantennas for enhanced infrared spectroscopy — •Christian Huck, Andrea Toma, Frank Neubrech, and Annemarie Pucci
18:30 O 37.2 Thermal annealing of gold infrared nanoantennas — •Jochen Vogt, Frank Neubrech, Andrea Toma, and Annemarie Pucci
18:30 O 37.3 Mechanical control of plasmonic resonances — •Anja Löhle, Audrey Berrier, and Martin Dressel
18:30 O 37.4 Magneto-optic surface plasmon resonance of Au/IrMn/Co/Au exchange biased layer systems — •Sebastian Kübler, Nicolas Müglich, and Arno Ehresmann
18:30 O 37.5 Advantages of a quantum cascade laser for surface enhanced infrared spectroscopy — •Anton Hasenkampf, Niels Kröger, Annemarie Pucci, and Wolfgang Petrich
18:30 O 37.6 Mueller matrix characterization of three-dimensional gold spiral nanostructures — •Elvira Mbekwe Pafong, Audrey Berrier, Bruno Gompf, Bettina Frank, Harald Giessen, and Martin Dressel
18:30 O 37.7 Superlensing in n-doped GaAs investigated by near-field microscopy — •Markus Fehrenbacher, Stephan Winnerl, Harald Schneider, Jonathan Döring, Susanne Kehr, Lukas M. Eng, Yongheng Huo, Oliver G. Schmidt, Kan Yao, Yongmin Liu, and Manfred Helm
18:30 O 37.8 Spectral properties of ordered nano-particle assemblies — •Simon Dickreuter, Emre Gürdal, Dieter Kern, and Monika Fleischer
18:30 O 37.9 Near-field optics of conductive ferroelectric domain walls — •Denny Lang, Susanne C. Kehr, Mathias Schröder, Alexander Haußmann, and Lukas M. Eng
18:30 O 37.10 Self-assembly of gold nanoparticle structures — •Emre Gürdal, Simon Dickreuter, Dieter Kern, and Monika Fleischer
18:30 O 37.11 Optical Properties of Self-assembled Fluorescent and Metal Nanoparticle Arrays — •Franziska Barho, Mario Fey, and Peter J. Klar
18:30 O 37.12 Optical Properties of Self-assembled Metal Nanoparticle Arrays — •Mario Fey, Jan Kuhnert, Sangam Chatterjee, and Peter J. Klar
18:30 O 37.13 GRIN lenses with plasmonic structures as compact elements for biosensing — •Andreas Horrer, Michael Metzger, Sabrina Rau, Dominik A. Gollmer, Julia Fulmes, Dai Zhang, Alfred J. Meixner, Günther Gauglitz, Marc Brecht, Dieter P. Kern, and Monika Fleischer
18:30 O 37.14 Plasmonic nanostructures for organic photovoltaic cells — •Yagmur Ipek, Dominik A.Gollmer, Christopher Lorch, Frank Schreiber, Dieter P. Kern, and Monika Fleischer
18:30 O 37.15 Characterisation and Control of SPPs in silver waveguides using PEEM — •Kellie Pearce, Christian Späth, Soo Hoon Chew, Sebastian Nobis, Jürgen Schmidt, and Ulf Kleineberg
18:30 O 37.16 Extraordinary optical transmission and cathodoluminescence in thin layers with subwavelength holes — •Dan-Nha Huynh, Christian Matyssek, and Kurt Busch
18:30 O 37.17 Nonlinear optics with hybrid metal/dielectric nanostructures — •Heiko Linnenbank and Stefan Linden
18:30 O 37.18 Optimizing arrangements of a few Au-nanoparticles for SERS applications — •Kathrin Kroth, Thomas Sander, Sabrina Darmawi, Limei Chen, and Peter J. Klar
18:30 O 37.19 Few-cycle laser photoelectron microscopy and spectroscopy using single-shot phase tagging technique — •Soo Hoon Chew, Alexander Gliserin, Sebastian Nobis, Florian Schertz, Yingying Yang, Kellie Pearce, Peter Geisler, Jürgen Schmidt, Peter Hommelhoff, Bert Hecht, Matthias Kling, and Ulf Kleineberg
18:30 O 37.20 Transmission of surface plasmon polariton through nanometric constriction — •Golaleh Ghafoori, Daniel Benner, Johannes Boneberg, Paul Leiderer, and Elke scheer
18:30 O 37.21 Transmission of surface plasmon polariton through nanometric constriction — •Golaleh Ghafoori, Daniel Benner, Johannes Boneberg, Paul Leiderer, and Elke scheer
18:30 O 37.22 Third Harmonic Spectroscopy of Polymer-Nanoantenna Hybrid Systems — •Gelon Albrecht, Bernd Metzger, Sybille Allard, Ullrich Scherf, and Harald Giessen
18:30 O 37.23 Impact of rotational symmetry on the nonlinear optical response of gold nanoantennas — •Franziska Zeuner, Shumei Chen, Guixin Li, Shuang Zhang, and Thomas Zentgraf
18:30 O 37.24 Surface plasmon enhanced chemiluminescence at metal surfaces using internal photodetectionUlrich Hagemann, Felix Becker, and •Hermann Nienhaus
18:30 O 37.25 Sphere-based cantilever for SNOM — •Critian Gonzalez Mora, Daniela Bayer, Elena A. Ilin, Egbert Oesteschulze, and Martin Aeschlimann
18:30 O 37.26 Photoluminescence study of SPP-supporting hybrid semiconductor-metal structures — •Sören Kreinberg, Matthias Salewski, Lars E. Kreilkamp, Ilya A. Akimov, Christian Schneider, Sven Höfling, Martin Kamp, and Manfred Bayer
18:30 O 37.27 Towards superlens-based infrared near-field nanospectroscopy: imaging dielectric contrasts with λ/30-resolution — •Peining Li, Tao Wang, Benedikt Hauer, Gennady Shvets, and Thomas Taubner
18:30 O 37.28 Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence from Nanocrystals doped with Rare-earth Ions — •Tobia Mancabelli, Dawid Piatkowski, Nikolai Hartmann, Nina Mauser, Sebastian Mackowski, and Achim Hartschuh
18:30 O 37.29 Active stabilization of a vector field synthesizer applied for spatiotemporal optical near-field control — •Stanislaw Nickel, Michael Birlo, Dominik Differt, and Walter Pfeiffer
18:30 O 37.30 Strong-field gas excitation and EUV light generation in plasmonic nanostructures — •Frederik Busse, Murat Sivis, and Claus Ropers
18:30 O 37.31 Hydrogen-sensing with complex arrow-headed Au/Pd nanorods — •Domenico Paone, Xingchen Ye, Nikolai Strohfeldt, Andreas Tittl, Chris Murray, and Harald Giessen
18:30 O 37.32 Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructures: Characterization of Coupled Quantum Dot - Nanoantenna Systems — •Cody Friesen, Manuel Peter, and Stefan Linden
18:30 O 37.33 k-space polarimetry on an adiabatic nanofocusing near-field probe — •Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Jens H. Brauer, Petra Gross, Ralf Vogelgesang, and Christoph Lienau
18:30 O 37.34 Pump-probe infrared near-field nanospectroscopy on germanium and silicon — •Frederik Kuschewski, S.C. Kehr, B. Green, Ch. Bauer, M. Gensch, and L.M. Eng
18:30 O 37.35 Time-domain characterization of scattered fields from nanotextured thin film absorbers — •Dominik Differt, Stanislaw Nickel, and Walter Pfeiffer
18:30 O 37.36 Circular Plasmons in cross shaped nanoantennas — •Martin Lehr, Peter Klaer, Xiaofei Wu, Bert Hecht, Florian Schertz, Gerd Schönhense, and Hans Joachim Elmers
18:30 O 37.37 Implementation of Pulse Shaping in an Ultrafast confocal microscope — •Kevin Donkers, Alberto Comin, Richard Ciesielski, and Achim Hartschuh
18:30 O 37.38 Spatial and spectral near-field distributions of strongly coupled plasmons — •Florian Schertz, Martin Lehr, Hans-Joachim Elmers, and Gerd Schönhense
18:30 O 37.39 Plasmonically enhanced Grätzel cells for photovoltaics — •Jonas Schwenzer and Harald Giessen
18:30 O 37.40 Diffraction-limited few-cycle shaped laser pulses for plasmon microscopy — •Sebastian Goetz, Monika Pawlowska, Christian Dreher, Christian Rewitz, Enno Krauss, Peter Geisler, Gary Razinskas, Bert Hecht, and Tobias Brixner
18:30 O 37.41 Infrared conductivity measurement of nanostructures — •Annemarie Pucci, Christian Huck, Jochen Vogt, Fabian Hötzel, Akemi Tamanai, Jens Trollmann, and Tobias Glaser
18:30 O 37.42 Tuning the Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance in Silver Nanostructures prepared by Nanosphere Lithography — •Stefan Moras, Ovidiu D. Gordan, and Dietrich R. T. Zahn
18:30 O 37.43 Scanning near-field optical microscopy and nano-FTIR spectroscopy on sub-nanometer MoS2 structures by using synchrotron radiation — •Georg Ulrich, Piotr Patoka, Peter Hermann, Ariana Nguyen, John Mann, Arne Hoehl, Burkhard Beckhoff, Ludwig Bartels, Peter Dowben, Gerhard Ulm, and Eckart Rühl
18:30 O 37.44 Enhancement of nonlinear optical effects by plasmonic nanoantennas — •Nils Weber, Thomas Zentgraf, and Cedrik Meier
18:30 O 37.45 Scanning tunneling microscopy investigation of the phase change material Ge2Sb2Te5 — •Jens Kellner, Christian Pauly, Marcus Liebmann, Alessandro Giussani, Volker Deringer, Raffaella Calarco, Richard Dronskowski, and Markus Morgenstern
18:30 O 37.46 Solution of the GW-based quasiparticle-equation beyond the diagonal approximation: improvements in energies and wavefunctions — •Ferdinand Kaplan, Michiel van Setten, and Ferdinand Evers
18:30 O 37.47 Photoemission spectroscopy using high-order harmonics driven by a MHz fiber laser — •Cheng-Tien Chiang, Michael Huth, Andreas Trützschler, Jürgen Kirschner, and Wolf Widdra
18:30 O 37.48 Temperature-dependent scanning tunneling microscopy of Se-doped IrTe2 — •Matthias Vogt, Tobias Mauerer, Pin-Jui Hsu, Weida Wu, and Matthias Bode
18:30 O 37.49 Density functional study of GaN(0001)/AlN(0001) high electron mobility transistor structuresJakub Sołtys, Maria Ptasińska, •Jacek Piechota, and Stanisław Krukowski
18:30 O 37.50 ab-initio investigation of topological states in α-Sn surfaces — •Sebastian Kuefner, Juergen Furthmueller, and Friedhelm Bechstedt
18:30 O 37.51 Growth of epitaxial Bismuth films on vicinal Si(111) — •Monika Jäger, Christian Brand, Daniel Lükermann, Saddam Banyoudeh, Sergeii Sologub, Christoph Tegenkamp, and Herbert Pfnür
18:30 O 37.52 Multichannel-Spin-Polarimetry for the Analysis of Spin-Transport in Metal-Organic Interfaces — •Erik Schaefer, Dima Kutnyakhov, Gerd Schönhense, and Hans-Joachim Elmers
18:30 O 37.53 Electronic and magnetic properties of the MnO(001), FeO(001), CoO(001), and NiO(001) surfaces — •Andreas Schrön and Friedhelm Bechstedt
18:30 O 37.54 Photoemission calculations for surface states in 2DEGs within the models of k · p theory — •Markus Flieger, Jürgen Henk, and Ingrid Mertig
18:30 O 37.55 Multi probe transport measurements on Bi2Se3 thin films — •Sebastian Bauer, Paul Graf, Rolf Möller, and Christian A. Bobisch
18:30 O 37.56 Specular reflection of spin-polarized electrons from W(001) spin-filter crystal in a larger range of scattering energies and angles — •D. Kutnyakhov, H.J. Elmers, G. Schönhense, C. Tusche, J. Kirschner, S. Borek, J. Braun, J. Minàr, and H. Ebert
18:30 O 37.57 Growth morphology of thin films on the metallic and oxide surfaces — •Aleksander Krupski
18:30 O 37.58 Structure and manipulation of h-BN on Ir(111) — •Domenik M. Zimmermann, Ulrike A. Schröder, and Thomas Michely
18:30 O 37.59 Properties of ultrathin Pb layers on the Ni3Al(111) studied by AES/LEED/STM/DFT — •Katarzyna Krupski and Aleksander Krupski
18:30 O 37.60 Growth study of nickel nanoislands on Ir(111) — •Stefan Wilfert, Lydia El-Kareh, and Matthias Bode
18:30 O 37.61 XPD structure determination of HfSi2 islands grown on Si(110) surfaces — •Frank Schönbohm, Tobias Lühr, Dominique Handschak, Philipp Espeter, Christoph Keutner, Ulf Berges, and Carsten Westphal
18:30 O 37.62 Structural and optical investigations of organic-organic heterosystems — •Julia Peuker, Falko Sojka, Matthias Meissner, Marco Gruenewald, Roman Forker, and Torsten Fritz
18:30 O 37.63 Growth of coronene-layers on reactive and inert substrates — •Tobias Huempfner, Falko Sojka, Marco Gruenewald, Roman Forker, and Torsten Fritz
18:30 O 37.64 Growth of epitaxial Bi1−xSbx films — •Julian Koch, Philipp Kröger, Herbert Pfnür, and Christoph Tegenkamp
18:30 O 37.65 Surface investigation of ceria films on Si(111) after post deposition annealing — •Robert Oelke, Wanja Spiess, Henrik Wilkens, Marvin H. Zoellner, Gang Niu, Thomas Schroeder, and Joachim Wollschläger
18:30 O 37.66 Constructive electromigration of indium on silicon(111) — •Paul Graf, Alexander M. Bernhart, Mark R. Kaspers, Christan A. Bobisch, and Rolf Möller
18:30 O 37.67 In situ control of step formation on Si(100) in process gas ambient — •Sebastian Brückner, Oliver Supplie, Peter Kleinschmidt, Henning Döscher, Anja Dobrich, and Thomas Hannappel
18:30 O 37.68 SPA-LEED studies on structure and morphology of CexPr1−xO2 films — •Wanja Spiess, Henrik Wilkens, Marvin H. Zoellner, Gang Niu, Thomas Schroeder, and Joachim Wollschläger
18:30 O 37.69 Two-Photon Photoemission from magnesium oxide — •Rebecca Pöschel, Andrej Classen, and Thomas Fauster
18:30 O 37.70 Growth and magnetic properties of ultrathin iron oxide films on MgO(001) and STO(001) — •Nico Pathé, Olga Schuckmann, Tobias Schemme, Matthäus Witziok, Karsten Küpper, and Joachim Wollschläger
18:30 O 37.71 Electronic structure of the polar ZnO(0001) surface with Ga and N substitution: A density functional theory study — •Jacek Piechota, Jakub Sołtys, and Stanisław Krukowski
18:30 O 37.72 Electronic properties and optical response of nonpolar GaN surfaces — •Marc Landmann, Eva Rauls, and Wolf Gero Schmidt
18:30 O 37.73 Adsorption of PTCDA on KCl and NaCl surfaces — •Hazem Aldahhak, Wolf Gero Schmidt, and Eva Rauls
18:30 O 37.74 Liquid Crystal Adsorption on Lithium Niobate (0001) Surfaces — •Christian Braun, Simone Sanna, Eva Rauls, and Wolf Gero Schmidt
18:30 O 37.75 Heat induced passivation of CuInSe2 surfaces: A strategy to optimize the efficiency of chalcopyrite thin film solar cells?Harry Mönig, •David Lockhorn, Nabi Aghdassi, Alexander Timmer, Christian A. Kaufmann, Raquel Caballero, Helmut Zacharias, and Harald Fuchs
18:30 O 37.76 A density functional theory study of the structural and electronic properties of the GaN(000-1) surface — •Jacek Piechota, Maria Ptasińska, Jakub Sołtys, and Stanisław Krukowski
18:30 O 37.77 The interaction of benzaldehyde with water-saturated Si(001) — •Sebastian Frey, Daniel Laumann und Ulrich Köhler
18:30 O 37.78 Poly(phenylene-ethynylene)s and related bichromophoric molecules on HOPG: An STM study — •Stefan-S. Jester, Klaas Remmerssen, Daniela Schmitz, and Sigurd Höger
18:30 O 37.79 Imaging and controlling organic molecule adsorption on metal plated silicon surfaces: formation and structure of organic-silicide monolayers — •Pavel Shukrynau, Marius Toader, Lars Smykalla, and Michael Hietschold
18:30 O 37.80 Barium titanate: A promising candidate for the use of oxide-based electronics. — •Peter Lutz, Sebastian Fiedler, Chul-Hee Min, Hendrik Bentmann, and Friedrich Reinert
18:30 O 37.81 Structure determination of CdO(100): A combined quantitative LEED and DFT study — •James Mudd, Katarzyna Krupski, Jacopo Ardini, Georg Held, Aleksander Krupski, and Chris McConville
18:30 O 37.82 Structure determination of TiO2(001)−(4×1) surface using quantitative low-energy electron diffraction — •Katarzyna Krupski, James Mudd, Jacopo Ardini, Sean McMitchell, Georg Held, Chris McConville, and Aleksander Krupski
18:30 O 37.83 CO on NiO(001) — •Josef Grenz, Alexander Schwarz, and Roland Wiesendanger
18:30 O 37.84 Characterization of the adlayer formation of CO on the NaCl(100) surface based on diffuse LEED intensities — •Jochen Vogt and Birgit Vogt
18:30 O 37.85 Pentacene adsorption and oxidation on a cobalt oxide bilayer film — •Marina Schuler, Pascal Ferstl, Lutz Hammer, and M.Alexander Schneider
18:30 O 37.86 Preparation and characterization of phenylphosphonic acid self-assembled monolayers on ZnO substrates — •Alexandra Ostapenko and Gregor Witte
18:30 O 37.87 Superoxide and peroxide chemical states of adsorbed molecular oxygen on rutile TiO2 (110) surface — •Hikmet Sezen, Alexei Nefedov, and Christof Wöll
18:30 O 37.88 Water dissociation on α-Al2O3(1102) — •Sebastian Wlosczyk, Harald Kirsch, Jonas Wirth, Martin Wolf, Peter Saalfrank, and R. Kramer Campen
  18:30 O 37.89 The contribution has been moved to HL 106.1 (joint by O and MA).
18:30 O 37.90 Characterization of mass selected silver clusters produced in a supersonic nozzle expansion — •Jens-Christian Meyer, David Engemann, and Heinz Hövel
18:30 O 37.91 Photovoltage on Metallic and Semiconducting Surfaces in Vicinity of Metallic Nanostuctures — •Kevin Oldenburg, Kristian Sell, Stefan Polei, Sylvia Speller, and Ingo Barke
18:30 O 37.92 Growth and characterization of ultrasmall cobalt nanoislands on Cu(111) — •David Gohlke and Jascha Repp
18:30 O 37.93 Ab initio transport calculations of copper junctions in the presence of hydrogen chloride — •Paul Schnäbele, Richard Korytár, Alexei Bagrets, Axel Groß, and Ferdinand Evers
18:30 O 37.94 Controlled electromigration of copper wires and copper thin films — •Julia Hauser, Jakob Schwichtenberg, Michael Marz, Christoph Sürgers, Hilbert v. Löhneysen, and Regina Hoffmann-Vogel
18:30 O 37.95 Structural Transition in Atomic Chains Driven by Transient Doping — •Stefan Polei, Paul Snijders, Steve Erwin, Franz Himpsel, Karl-Heinz Meiwes-Broer, and Ingo Barke
18:30 O 37.96 Vibration modes of Si(111)-(7×7) and various reconstructed Au/Si(111) surfaces, studied by Raman spectroscopyMartin Liebhaber, Utz Bass, •Jean Geurts, Jochen Räthel, Eugen Speiser, Sandhya Chandola, Arne Baumann, and Norbert Esser
18:30 O 37.97 Unusual resistance-voltage dependence of ultra-high vacuum-electromigrated nanojunctionsDominik Stöffler, •Michael Marz, Birgit Kießig, Tihomir Tomanic, Hilbert v. Löhneysen, and Regina Hoffmann-Vogel
18:30 O 37.98 Oligothiophene nanorings as electron resonators for whispering gallery modes — •Gaël Reecht, Hervé Bulou, Fabrice Scheurer, Virginie Speisser, Fabrice Mathevet, and Guillaume Schull
18:30 O 37.99 Composite wire metamaterial for broadband infrared superlensing — •Mike Prämassing, Tobias Maß, and Thomas Taubner
18:30 O 37.100 Characterisation of Boron-doped Silicon Nanowires — •Stefan Weidemann, Manfred Ramsteiner, Anna Mogilatenko, Klaus Rademann, and Saskia F. Fischer
  18:30 O 37.101 The contribution has been withdrawn.
18:30 O 37.102 A Ruler for the Nanoworld: Scatterometry at the PTB — •Victor Soltwisch, Anton Haase, Jan Wernecke, and Frank Scholze
18:30 O 37.103 Silicene on Ag(111): Reconstructions and first tests of laser-induced non-thermal deposition — •Silke Hattendorf, Christian Kalupka, Martin Reininghaus, Marco Pratzer, and Markus Morgenstern
18:30 O 37.104 Automated spray coating process for the fabrication of large-area opaline structures on textured substrates — •Daniela Schneevoigt, Frederik Bub, Alexander Sprafke, and Ralf Wehrspohn
18:30 O 37.105 Fabrication and application of nanosecond laser-induced surface nanostructures on polyimide — •Lukas Bayer, Pierre Lorenz, Martin Ehrhardt, Klaus Zimmer, and Lutz Engisch
18:30 O 37.106 Nanostructuring of stainless steel by pulsed laser interference lithography — •Lukas Gröner, Martin Stärk, Elke Scheer, and Johannes Boneberg
18:30 O 37.107 Processing and characterization of photonic crystals on flexible substrates for light absorption enhancement in solar cells — •Frederik Bub, Daniela Schneevoigt, Alexander Sprafke, and Ralf Wehrspohn
18:30 O 37.108 Simulation of ballistic glancing angle deposition — •Christoph Grüner, Stefan G. Mayr, and Bernd Rauschenbach
18:30 O 37.109 A comparison of evaporation and sputter glancing angle deposition — •Xubin Lu, Christoph Grüner, Jens Bauer, and Bernd Rauschenbach
18:30 O 37.110 Structural and mechanical properties of graphene and polycrystalline carbon membranes — •Maximilian Ammon, Yuri Koval, Michael Enzelberger-Heim, Christian Steiner, and Sabine Maier
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