Dresden 2014 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 59: Metal Substrates I

Mittwoch, 2. April 2014, 16:00–19:15, WIL A317

16:00 O 59.1 Growth morphology of thin films on the metallic and oxide surfaces — •Aleksander Krupski
16:15 O 59.2 Annealing of oxidized aluminium alloy surfaces studied by PEEM combined with XPS — •Lisa Rullik, Florian Bertram, Jonas Evertsson, Anders Mikkelsen, Yuran Niu, Alexei Zakharov, and Edvin Lundgren
16:30 O 59.3 Growth of ultrathin Pb layers on the Ni3Al(111) surface studied by AES/LEED/STM/DFT — •Katarzyna Krupski and Aleksander Krupski
16:45 O 59.4 Three-dimensional atomic imaging by means of electron diffraction — •Tobias Lühr, Aimo Winkelmann, Gert Nolze, and Carsten Westphal
17:00 O 59.5 Thickness-dependent growth study of Pt-Ce alloys on Pt(111) — •Jeannette Kemmer, Andreas Krönlein, Pin-Jui Hsu, and Matthias Bode
17:15 O 59.6 Comparison of lithium- and magnesium battery anode materials on a microscopic level using DFT — •Markus Jäckle and Axel Groß
17:30 O 59.7 Temperature Dependent Electronic Structure of the CuN c(2x2) on Cu(100) Overlayer — •Ivan Baev, Henrike Hümpel, Michael Martins, and Wilfried Wurth
17:45 O 59.8 Stability of surface adsorption patterns of Se on Mo(110): a first principles study — •Guido Roma, Elaheh Ghorbani, Hossein Mirhosseini, Janos Kiss, and Claudia Felser
18:00 O 59.9 STM and LEED studies on alloying and oxidation effects at the Mn/Cu(001) interface — •Jiaming Song, Chii-Bin Wu, and Wolfgang Kuch
18:15 O 59.10 Thermodynamical assessment of stress evolution and jumps during the deposition of polycrystalline films — •Amirmehdi Saedi and Marcel J. Rost
18:30 O 59.11 Role of stacking, bonding and interaction with substrate in formation of bilayer silicene — •Paul Pflugradt, Lars Matthes, and Friedhelm Bechstedt
18:45 O 59.12 Lateral Segregation in Pt50Rh50(111) induced by a h-BN nanomesh — •Roland Stania, Irakli Kalichava, Bernd Schönfeld, Jürg Osterwalder, Wolfgang Heckel, Tobias C. Kerscher, Stefan Müller, Philip R. Willmott, and Thomas Greber
19:00 O 59.13 Physisorbed molecular networks as surfactants for the growth of Ag on Ag(100) — •Claudius Morchutt, Gustavo Ruano, Klaus Kern, and Magali Lingenfelder
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