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DS: Fachverband Dünne Schichten

DS 8: Application of Thin Films

DS 8.3: Vortrag

Montag, 16. März 2015, 19:15–19:30, H 0111

Fabrication of GDC membranes for electrical characterization — •Florian Kuhl1,3, Matthias T. Elm1,2, Daniel Reppin1, Torsten Henning1, Jürgen Janek2, Stefan Kolling3, and Peter J. Klar11I. Physikalisches Institut, Justus Liebig University, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 16, DE-35392 Giessen, Germany — 2Physikalisch-Chemisches Institut, Justus Liebig University, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 58, DE-35392 Giessen, Germany — 3Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences Wiesenstrasse 14, DE-35390 Giessen, Germany

The oxygen-ion conductor GDC (gadolinium doped ceria) is an attractive material for the use as electrolyte in solid oxide fuel cells operating between 500 C - 800 C. Its rather high ionic conductivity is caused by oxygen vacancies which are formed when doping with gadolinium. For lowering the operation temperature of the SOFCs, miniaturization and reduction of the film thickness is needed. Another application of thin microfabricated GDC films may be their utilization as solid-state ion source.
For the fabrication of free-standing membranes, GDC thin films were deposited onto a Si-Wafer by CVD. Afterwards the silicon was partially removed by etching. The shape of the membranes is defined by the masking patterns in SiO2. In order to measure the electric properties using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Pt electrodes were deposited onto the free-standing membranes. Results of investigations of the correlation between the lateral dimensions of the membrane, its thickness and its total conductivity will be discussed.

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