Berlin 2015 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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HL: Fachverband Halbleiterphysik

HL 57: Optical properties of bulk semiconductors

HL 57.7: Vortrag

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015, 17:45–18:00, EW 015

Erbium-doped slot waveguides containing Silicon nanocrystalsRomy Hoffmann1, •Jan Beyer1, Volker Klemm2, David Rafaja2, Brett Johnson3, Jeffrey C. McCallum3, and Johannes Heitmann11Institute of Applied Physics, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, D-09596 Freiberg, Germany — 2TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Materials Science, D-09596 Freiberg, Germany — 3Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, School of Physics, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia

Silicon-based waveguides are intensely investigated with regard to their potential applications in e.g. inter-chip optical data transmission and data manipulation, e.g. as waveguide amplifiers, but also as possible laser sources. A particularly promising device architecture is provided by the slot waveguide geometry, in which a thin SiO2 slot is inserted into the silicon waveguide. Due to the refractive index contrast, the electric field amplitude polarized normal to the slot plane is enhanced inside the slot, which improves both absorption and emission efficiency of embedded luminescent structures. We incorporate both Erbium ions and size-controlled Silicon nanocrystals, used as Erbium sensitizers, into such a slot. Most efficient pumping of the 1.54 µm Erbium emission is found for small Si nanocrystals, in the range of 3 nm, and elevated post-Er-implantation annealing temperatures of 1000 C. The sample structure is also demonstrated to induce a dependence on the polarization direction of the exciting laser light, where polarization normal to the slot layer enhances Erbium emission intensity.

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