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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 40: Electronic Structure of Magnetism, Micromagnetism, Computational Magnetism (organized by MA)

Dienstag, 17. März 2015, 09:30–12:30, H 0112

09:30 TT 40.1 Spin-orbit coupling effects on spin-dependent inelastic electronic lifetimes in ferromagnets — •Dennis Nenno, Steffen Kaltenborn, and Hans Christian Schneider
09:45 TT 40.2 Systematic derivation of an effective spin-Hamiltonian based on a modified multi-orbital Hubbard model — •Markus Hoffmann and Stefan Blügel
10:00 TT 40.3 Navigation on the energy surface of the noncollinear Alexander-Anderson model using a magnetic force theorem — •Pavel Bessarab, Valery Uzdin, and Hannes Jónsson
10:15 TT 40.4 Non-harmonic quantum dynamics of single spin systems — •Mario Krizanac, David Altwein, Elena Vedmedenko, and Roland Wiesendanger
10:30 TT 40.5 Real-time dynamics of a classical spin exchange coupled to a Fermi sea — •Mohammad Sayad and Michael Potthoff
  10:45 15 min. break
11:00 TT 40.6 Finite temperature and magnetic field transport in 1D quantum magnets — •Xenophon Zotos
11:15 TT 40.7 Multi-scale modelling of magnetization dynamics — •Andrea De Lucia, Mathias Kläui, and Bejnamin Krüger
11:30 TT 40.8 Effective models for exchange bias systems based on atomistic spin dynamics simulations — •Irina Stockem, Stefan Muschack, and Christian Schröder
11:45 TT 40.9 Simulation of coercivities and magnetization reversal mechanisms in fourfold ferromagnetic systems of different dimensions and orientations — •Tomasz Blachowicz and Andrea Ehrmann
12:00 TT 40.10 Micromagnetic analysis of nucleation and pinning processes in supermagnetsDagmar Goll, Therese Dragon, Matthias Katter, and •Helmut Kronmueller
12:15 TT 40.11 Nonlinear frequency-dependent effects in the dc magnetization of uniaxial magnetic nanoparticles in superimposed strong alternating current and direct current fields — •William Coffey, Nijun Wei, Sergey Titov, Yuri Kalmykov, and Declan Byrne
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