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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 56: Correlated Electrons: Quantum-Critical Phenomena – Theory

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015, 09:30–13:15, A 053

09:30 TT 56.1 Superconductivity and charge order near the onset of antiferromagnetism in metals — •Max Henner Gerlach, Yonathan Schattner, Simon Trebst, and Erez Berg
09:45 TT 56.2 Quantum Critical Transitions in Spin and Charge Ordered Systems — •Corentin Morice, Premala Chandra, Stephen E. Rowley, and Siddharth S. Saxena
10:00 TT 56.3 Interference of quantum critical excitations and soft diffusive modes in a disordered antiferromagnetic metal — •Philipp Weiß, Boris Narozhny, and Jörg Schmalian
10:15 TT 56.4 Disorder-driven Coulomb gas transitions in classical three-dimensional dimer models — •Stefan Wolff and Simon Trebst
10:30 TT 56.5 Dimensionless ratios at the honeycomb Hubbard model critical point — •Thomas C. Lang and Ribhu K. Kaul
10:45 TT 56.6 Deconfined quantum criticality beyond designer Hamiltonians — •Ribhu K. Kaul and Thomas C. Lang
11:00 TT 56.7 Universal phase diagram of quantum dissipative many-body systems — •Gianluca Rastelli
  11:15 15 min. break.
11:30 TT 56.8 Phase diagram of the Kane-Mele-Coulomb model — •Martin Hohenadler, Francesco Parisen Toldin, Fakher F. Assaad, and Igor F. Herbut
11:45 TT 56.9 Fermionic quantum criticality in honeycomb and π-flux Hubbard models — •Francesco Parisen Toldin, Martin Hohenadler, Fakher F. Assaad, and Igor F. Herbut
12:00 TT 56.10 Spin Dynamics of the Heisenberg Bilayer from Quantum Monte Carlo — •Maximilian Lohöfer, Stefan Wessel, Frederic Mila, Tommaso Coletta, and Fakher Assaad
12:15 TT 56.11 Anomalous dynamical exponent at the Ising-nematic quantum critical point — •Tobias Holder and Walter Metzner
12:30 TT 56.12 Selfconsistent Renormalization Group for Kondo Breakdown in Kondo lattice or Multi-Impurity Systems — •Ammar Nejati, Katinka Ballmann, and Johann Kroha
12:45 TT 56.13 Steady state dynamics and effective temperatures of quantum criticality in open systems — •Farzaneh Zamani, Pedro Ribeiro, and Stefan Kirchner
13:00 TT 56.14 Spin-orbit coupling in interacting quantum wires — •Nikolaos Kainaris and Sam T. Carr
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