Berlin 2015 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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TT: Fachverband Tiefe Temperaturen

TT 7: Transport: Quantum Coherence and Quantum Information Systems – Theory (jointly with HL, MA)

Montag, 16. März 2015, 09:30–13:00, H 3005

09:30 TT 7.1 Collective modes in the fluxonium qubit — •Gianluigi Catelani and Giovanni Viola
09:45 TT 7.2 Optimal Control of Quantum MeasurementDaniel Egger and •Frank Wilhelm
10:00 TT 7.3 Optimal control of single flux quantum pulses — •Per Liebermann, Daniel Egger, and Frank Wilhelm
10:15 TT 7.4 Adaptive characterization of coherent states — •Markku P. V. Stenberg, Kevin Pack, and Frank K. Wilhelm
10:30 TT 7.5 Qubit dephasing due to Quasiparticle Tunneling — •Sebastian Zanker, Michael Marthaler, and Gerd Schön
10:45 TT 7.6 Detecting nonlocal Cooper pair entanglement by optical Bell inequality violationSimon E. Nigg, Rakesh P. Tiwari, Stefan Walter, and •Thomas L. Schmidt
11:00 TT 7.7 Detection of non-local spin-entanglement by light emission from a superconducting pn-junction — •Alexander Schroer and Patrik Recher
  11:15 15 min. break.
11:30 TT 7.8 Scattering of two photons from two distant qubits: exact solutionMatti Laakso and •Mikhail Pletyukhov
11:45 TT 7.9 Robust entanglement under multipartite correlated dephasing — •Edoardo Carnio, Manuel Gessner, and Andreas Buchleitner
12:00 TT 7.10 Bell inequalities and waiting times — •Christina Pöltl and Michele Governale
12:15 TT 7.11 Quantum dynamics of a strongly driven Josephson Junction — •Jennifer Gosner, Björn Kubala, and Joachim Ankerhold
12:30 TT 7.12 Dissipation-induced first order decoherence phase transition in a non-interacting fermionic system — •Mihailo Cubrovic
12:45 TT 7.13 Spin dynamics using the Majorana representation: validity, path integral and higher correlators — •Pablo Schad, Boris N. Narozhny, Gerd Schön, Yuriy Makhlin, and Alexander Shnirman
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