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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 16: Interaction with strong or short laser pulses I

A 16.3: Vortrag

Dienstag, 24. März 2015, 15:00–15:15, C/kHS

Strong Field Ionization in ω-2ω Laser Pulses: Phase-of-the-Phase Spectroscopy — •Slawomir Skruszewicz, Josef Tiggesbäumker, Karl-Heinz Meiwes-Broer, Mathias Arbeiter, Thomas Fennel, and Dieter Bauer — Institut für Physik, Universität Rostock, 18051 Rostock, Germany

Coherent superposition of fundamental 800 nm (ω) laser beam with its second-harmonic (2ω) creates laser pulses with asymmetrical electric field distribution [1]. Controlling of the relative phase between them with sub-fs precision enables obtaining the relative-phase-tagged photoelectron spectra. Thus, the electron recollision dynamics can be studied in more details than conventional photoelectron spectroscopy. Here, we propose ’phase-of-the-phase spectroscopy’ which applied to rare gas atoms and CO2 unambiguously identifies photoelectrons that rescatter during first and second re-encountering their parent ion. Simple modelling in terms of Simple Man’s Theory shows universality of the rescattering features. However closer inspection reveals finer details which are target sensitive and can be used to imaging electronic structure of the scattering center.
References: [1] N. Dudovich et al., Nature Physics 2, 781 (2006) [2] S. Skruszewicz et. al., Int. J. Mass. Spectr. 365, 338 (2014) [3] S. Zherebtsov et. al., New. J. Phys. 14, 075010 (2012)

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