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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 18: Poster: Ultra-cold atoms, ions and BEC (with Q)

Dienstag, 24. März 2015, 17:00–19:00, C/Foyer

17:00 A 18.1 Interacting bosons in an optical cavity — •Dandan Su, Yongqiang Li, and Walter Hofstetter
17:00 A 18.2 Realizing a hybrid atom-ion trap for Li and Yb+ — •Jannis Joger, Henning Fürst, Norman Ewald, and Rene Gerritsma
17:00 A 18.3 Ultracold bosons in lattices with long range hopping — •Jan Stockhofe and Peter Schmelcher
17:00 A 18.4 Degeneracy and inversion of band structure for Wigner crystals on a closed helix — •Alexandra Zampetaki, Jan Stockhofe, and Peter Schmelcher
17:00 A 18.5 Positive and negative quenches induced excitation dynamics for ultracold bosons in one-dimensional lattices — •Simeon Mistakidis, Lushuai Cao, and Peter Schmelcher
17:00 A 18.6 A High-Resolution Imaging System for Ultracold Dysprosium Atoms — •Matthias Wenzel, Thomas Maier, Holger Kadau, Matthias Schmitt, Clarissa Wink, Axel Griesmaier, and Tilman Pfau
17:00 A 18.7 Future prospects for trapping a single ion in Bose-Einstein condensates — •Kathrin Kleinbach, Karl Magnus Westphal, Michael Schlagmüller, Huan Nguyen, Fabian Böttcher, Tara Cubel Liebisch, Robert Löw, Sebastian Hofferberth, and Tilman Pfau
17:00 A 18.8 Magnetic Quantum Phases of Ultracold Dipolar Gases in an Optical Superlattice — •Xiangguo Yin, Lushuai Cao, and Peter Schmelcher
17:00 A 18.9 Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of two interacting bosons — •Tim Keller, Thomás Fogarty, and Giovanna Morigi
17:00 A 18.10 Sympathetic cooling of OH-ions using Rb atoms in a MOT — •Stefan Paul, Bastian Höltkemeier, Henry Lopez, Pascal Weckesser, Matthias Weidemüller, Eric Endres, and Roland Wester
17:00 A 18.11 Bose-Einstein condensation in a hybrid trap for photoionization experiments — •Harry Krüger, Bernhard Ruff, Maik Schröder, Jasper Krauser, Philipp Wessels, Juliette Simonet, Markus Drescher, and Klaus Sengstock
  17:00 A 18.12 The contribution has been withdrawn.
17:00 A 18.13 Cavity-Optomechanics with Cold Atoms: Coupled Quantum Oscillators and Quantum Limited Force Sensing — •Nicolas Spethmann, Jonathan Kohler, Sydney Schreppler, Lukas Buchmann, and Dan Stamper-Kurn
17:00 A 18.14 Light induced spin-orbit coupling for ultracold neutral atoms — •Felix Kösel, Sebastian Bode, Holger Ahlers, Katerine Posso Trujillo, Naceur Gaaloul, and Ernst M. Rasel
17:00 A 18.15 Quench Dynamics of a Superfluid Fermi Gas in the BCS-BEC Crossover Regime — •Simon Hannibal, Peter Kettmann, Mihail Croitoru, Alexei Vagov, Vollrath Martin Axt, and Tilmann Kuhn
17:00 A 18.16 Optimizing the production of RbCs ground-state molecules with high phase-space density — •Lukas Reichsöllner, Tetsu Takekoshi, Andreas Schindewolf, Silva Mezinska, Francesca Ferlaino, Rudolf Grimm, and Hanns-Christoph Nägerl
17:00 A 18.17 Towards the Fermi Quantum Microscope — •Katharina Kleinlein, Ahmed Omran, Martin Boll, Timon Hilker, Guillaume Salomon, Immanuel Bloch, and Christian Groß
17:00 A 18.18 Polaronic effects in one- and two-band quantum systems — •Tao Yin, Daniel Cocks, Karla Baumann, and Walter Hofstetter
17:00 A 18.19 Experimental realization of the ionic Hubbard model on a honeycomb lattice with ultracold fermionsMichael Messer, •Rémi Desbuquois, Thomas Uehlinger, Gregor Jotzu, Frederik Görg, Daniel Greif, Sebastian Huber, and Tilman Esslinger
  17:00 A 18.20 The contribution has been withdrawn.
17:00 A 18.21 Trapping of Topological Defects in Coulomb Crystals — •Philip Kiefer, Jonathan Brox, Ulrich Warring, Daniel Suess, Haggai Landa, David Gross, and Tobias Schaetz
17:00 A 18.22 Towards Sub-Doppler Cooling of Discrete Solitons inside Coulomb Crystals — •Jonathan Brox, Philip Kiefer, Haggai Landa, Ulrich Warring, and Tobias Schaetz
17:00 A 18.23 Quantum Point Contacts for Strongly Interacting FermionsSebastian Krinner, •Dominik Husmann, Martin Lebrat, Charles Grenier, Jean-Philippe Brantut, and Tilman Esslinger
17:00 A 18.24 Ba+ and Rb laser system for ultracold chemistry experiments — •Georg Hoppe, Leon Karpa, Alexander Lambrecht, Julian Schmidt, and Tobias Schaetz
17:00 A 18.25 Unbalanced homodyne detection for interaction-free measurements — •Jan Peise, Bernd Lücke, Luca Pezzé, Frank Deuretzbacher, Wolfgang Ertmer, Jan Arlt, Augusto Smerzi, Luis Santos, and Carsten Klempt
17:00 A 18.26 Towards Ultracold Chemistry - Scattering of Ba+ and Rb in an optical dipole trap — •Alexander Lambrecht, Julian Schmidt, Georg Hoppe, Leon Karpa, and Tobias Schaetz
17:00 A 18.27 Single Atom Detection in Ultracold Quantum Gases — •Carola Rogulj, Tobias Menold, Malte Reinschmidt, Peter Federsel, Markus Stecker, Hannah Schefzyk, Andreas Günther, and József Fortágh
17:00 A 18.28 High efficiency demagnetization cooling by suppression of light-assisted collisions — •Jahn Rührig, Tobias Bäuerle, Axel Griesmaier, and Tilman Pfau
17:00 A 18.29 Cold atoms near superconductors: Towards coherent coupling in a hybrid quantum system — •Helge Hattermann, Lörinc Sárkány, Patrizia Weiss, Daniel Bothner, Matthias Rudolph, Benedikt Ferdinand, Simon Bernon, Reinhold Kleiner, Dieter Koelle, and József Fortágh
17:00 A 18.30 Interference of ultracold Bose gases — •Holger Hauptmann, Sigmund Heller, and Walter T. Strunz
17:00 A 18.31 Toward cold atom mixture of lithium and caesium — •Pierre Jouve
17:00 A 18.32 Phase-Imprinting through Rydberg DressingRick Mukherjee, Cenap Ates, Weibin Li, and •Sebastian Wüster
17:00 A 18.33 Single shot realization and characterization of multiple quantum phase transitions — •Robert Heck, Romain Müller, Aske R. Thorsen, Mario Napolitano, Mark G. Bason, Jan Arlt, and Jacob F. Sherson
17:00 A 18.34 Linear to zigzag transition in dipolar chains — •Florian Cartarius, Anna Minguzzi, and Giovanna Morigi
17:00 A 18.35 Towards Nanofiber-Based Quantum Networks — •Jakob Hinney, Christoph Clausen, Adarsh Prasad, Philipp Schneeweiß, Jürgen Volz, and Arno Rauschenbeutel
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