Heidelberg 2015 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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A: Fachverband Atomphysik

A 27: Poster: Attosecond physics

A 27.1: Poster

Mittwoch, 25. März 2015, 17:00–19:00, C/Foyer

Tunneling time in Atto-Second Experiments and Time-Energy Uncertainty Relation — •Ossama Kullie — Institute für Physik, Universität Kassel

In this work [1] we suggest an analytical relation to calculate the tunneling time (TT) in attosecond and strong field experiments for the important case of the He-atom [2], precisely our TT was related to the time of passage similarly to the Einstein’s photon box Gedanken experiment. This presents an important study case for the theory of time in quantum mechanics and is very promising for the search for a (general) time operator in quantum mechanics. The work can be seen as a fundamental step in dealing with the tunneling time in strong field and ultrafast science, and is appealing to more elaborate treatments, and especially for complex atom and molecules. [1] O. Kullie. Tunneling time in attosecond experiments and time-energy uncertainty relation, work in progress. [2] P. Eckle et al. Nat. Phys.4 , 565 (2008).

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