Heidelberg 2015 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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UP: Fachverband Umweltphysik

UP 13: Postersession Bodenkunde, Kryosphäre, Meßtechnik, Ozeanographie

UP 13.20: Poster

Donnerstag, 26. März 2015, 10:45–19:45, G/Foyer

Merging the climate model results with proxy records over land-only Arctic area in recent 600 years — •Xin Chen, Yong Luo, and Pei Xing — Center for Earth System Science(CESS), Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Surface air temperature variation over Arctic area in past centuries is not well depicted due to the sparse of the proxy data. Another effective approach to study such a problem is high resolution climate system model simulation, which can provide a comprehensive picture of temperature evolvement. This research present a new approach to combine the proxy records and model simulation, in order to obtain a dataset over Arctic area, to be more completed and indicate more real signals recorded in proxy series. Optimal interpolation algorithm has been performed to merge the climate system model (BCC-CSM-1.1) simulations with the proxy records. Results indicate warming rate in arctic lands is 0.07°C per decade in modern years (1885-1985AD), while in north hemisphere lands is 0.05°C per decade, which is so called Arctic Amplification (AA). In our constructed dataset, AA can be identified in recent 350 years, the surface air temperature rise by 0.03°C per decade, a little higher than north hemisphere temperature trend over lands (0.02°C per decade). By comparing our merged dataset to the simulated results, model simulation tend to overestimate the temperature coldness in little ice age (1400-1850AD) by 0.2°C colder averagely, and a smaller warming rate in recent 350 years. However, they both indicate an agreeable warming trend in recent a hundred of years.

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