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UP: Fachverband Umweltphysik

UP 4: Postersession Atmosphäre

UP 4.20: Poster

Mittwoch, 25. März 2015, 10:45–19:45, G/Foyer

Aerosol measurements during the SOPRAN experiment in the Heidelberg Aeolotron — •Manuela van Pinxteren1, Juan Najera2, Badr R'Mili3, Kerstin Krall4, Gordon McFiggans2, Barbara D'Anna3, Bernd Jähne4, and Hartmut Herrmann11TROPOS Leipzig — 2University of Manchester — 3IRCELYON-CNRS-Univ. Lyon — 4IUP University of Heidelberg

During the SOPRAN laboratory experiment in Heidelberg in November 2014, the annular wind-wave tank Aeolotron was filled with seawater from the Atlantic Ocean to study exchange processes between ocean and atmosphere. Besides gas exchange measurements, aerosol particles were sampled with different techniques in order to investigate to what extent organic material from the sea surface micro layer is transported into the aerosol particles. Aerosol particles were sampled on different filter materials and investigated for the total organic content and for different groups of organic compounds. Additionally the physical nature of the marine aerosols generated from seawater was characterize using continuously online sampling with an Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer coupled to a Condensation Particle Counter, and a Droplet Measurement Technologies-Cloud Condensation Nucleus counter. Finally, a MPS (mini-particle sampler) was applied which is a particle collection technique based on filtration on TEM porous grids. Further Transmission Electron Microscopy analysis will give information on size, morphology and elemental composition of the deposited particles. Here, the set up of the experiments and first preliminary results are presented.

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