Wuppertal 2015 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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AKBP: Arbeitskreis Beschleunigerphysik

AKBP 5: Poster

Dienstag, 10. März 2015, 11:00–19:00, Foyer Ebene G.10

  11:00 AKBP 5.1 Der Beitrag wurde abgesagt.
11:00 AKBP 5.2 Functionality Demonstration of the non-invasive Bunch Shape Monitor at GSI high current LINAC — •Benjamin Zwicker, Kester Oliver, Peter Forck, Piotr Kowina, Christoph Dorn, and Thomas Sieber
11:00 AKBP 5.3 In Situ Measurement of Mechanical Vibrations of a 4-Rod RFQ at GSI — •Peter Gerhard and Lars Groening
11:00 AKBP 5.4 Lorentz Boosted Frame Simulations of Laser Wakefield Acceleration with the PIC-Code WARP — •Manuel Kirchen, Irene Dornmair, and Andreas Richard Maier
11:00 AKBP 5.5 Proposal of an IH-DTL design as replacement for the GSI UNILAC Alvarez for FAIR — •Hendrik Hähnel, Ulrich Ratzinger, and Rudolf Tiede
11:00 AKBP 5.6 Controlling the transverse electron beam quality in plasma wakefield accelerators — •Jan-Hendrik Erbe, Charlotte Palmer, Matthew Streeter, Olena Kononenko, Timon Mehrling, Tobias Kleinwächter, and Jens Osterhoff
11:00 AKBP 5.7 System Design for a Bunch to Bucket Synchronization — •Thibault Ferrand
11:00 AKBP 5.8 Investigation of Geometric Variations for the bERLinPro Main Linac Cavity Using Perturbative Methods — •Korinna Brackebusch and Ursula van Rienen
11:00 AKBP 5.9 Design studies for the Proton-Linac RFQ for FAIR — •Markus Vossberg, Robert Brodhage, Michael Kaiser, Fabio Maimone, and Wolfgang Vinzenz
  11:00 AKBP 5.10 The contribution has been withdrawn.
11:00 AKBP 5.11 A Superconducting Transverse Gradient Undulator for a Laser Wakefield Accelerator: First Tests and Magnetic Field MeasurementsVeronica Afonso Rodriguez, •Axel Bernhard, Andreas Grau, Peter Peiffer, Steffen Schott, Walter Werner, Christina Widmann, Andreas Will, Anke-Susanne Müller, Marc Weber, Maria Nicolai, Alexander Sävert, and Malte Kaluza
  11:00 AKBP 5.12 The contribution has been withdrawn (duplicate of AKBP 5.15).
11:00 AKBP 5.13 Simulation study of beam halo collimation in the heavy ion synchrotron SIS 100 — •Ivan Prokhorov, Ivan Strasik, and Oliver Boine-Frankenheim
11:00 AKBP 5.14 Quality and stability monitoring software for the 200 TW laser ANGUS — •Dominik Claus Trosien, Matthias Schnepp, Vincent Alain Gilles Leroux, Spencer Windhorst Jolly, Byunghoon Kim, and Andreas R. Maier
11:00 AKBP 5.15 First Tests of a Beam Transport System from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator to a Transverse Gradient Undulator — •Christina Widmann, Axel Bernhard, Veronica Afonso Rodriguez, Walter Werner, Maria Nicolai, Stephan Kuschel, Alexander Sävert, Matthew B. Schwab, Malte C. Kaluza, and Anke-Susanne Müller
11:00 AKBP 5.16 Laser Focusing and Electron Spectrometer Design of the LUX Beamline — •Christian Markus Werle, Dariusz Kocon, Enrique Rodríguez García, Carlos-José Astúa, Niels Matthias Delbos, Paul Andreas Walker, and Andreas R. Maier
11:00 AKBP 5.17 Controlled Plasma Generation for Beam Driven Plasma Wakefield Accelerators — •Gabriele Tauscher, Jan-Hendrik Erbe, Matthew Streeter, John Dale, Lucas Schaper, Lars Goldberg, Timon Mehrling, and Jens Osterhoff
11:00 AKBP 5.18 RF Measurements of a CH Power Prototype for the FAIR Proton Linac — •Robert Brodhage, Gianluigi Clemente, Wolfgang Vinzenz, Markus Vossberg, and Ulrich Ratzinger
11:00 AKBP 5.19 Femtosecond laser micromachining of sapphire capillaries for laser-wakefield acceleration — •Philipp Messner, Niels Matthias Delbos, Thomas Calmano, and Andreas R. Maier
11:00 AKBP 5.20 Towards a novel THz-based monitor for sub picosecond electron bunches working at MHz repetition rates and low bunch charges — •Bertram Green, Sergey Kovalev, Torsten Golz, Michael Kuntzsch, Alan Fisher, Nikola Stojanovic, and Michael Gensch
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