Regensburg 2016 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 48: Poster Session II

MA 48.42: Poster

Donnerstag, 10. März 2016, 15:00–18:00, Poster B1

Domain wall motion in a ferromagnet induced by pure diffusive spin currents in graphene — •Fabienne Musseau1, Michele Voto2, Alexander Pfeiffer1, Nils Richter1, Luis Lopez Diaz2, and Mathias Kläui11Institut für Physik, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 55099 Mainz, Germany — 2Departamento de Física Aplicada, Universidad de Salamanca, 37008 Salamanca, Spain

Due to the miniaturization of systems to the nanoscale, the physics of surfaces and interfaces is a major area of research. The controlled motion of magnetic domain walls is a vital component of various spintronic devices and memory applications, such as the racetrack memory which uses spin currents [1]. Another possibility is to use pure diffusive spin currents to manipulate the magnetization in a ferromagnet at very low spin current densities [2,3]. In our measurements, the non-local spin valves consists of two permalloy half rings which are connected via a non-magnetic graphene spin conduit, a geometry which permits the precise positioning of domain walls. We choose graphene due to its low spin-orbit coupling and large spin diffusion length, allowing for the propagation of spin currents with little attenuation [4]. We investigated the displacement of domain walls via spin torques exerted by pure diffusive spin currents in the non-local spin valve geometry [2,3]. We compare our results to micromagnetic simulations to understand the acting torques. [1] S. S. P. Parkin et al., Science 320, 190 (2008), [2] N. Motzko et al., Phys. Rev. B, 88, 214405 (2013), [3] D. Ilgaz et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 076601 (2010), [4] N. Tombros et al., Nature 448, 571 (2007)

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