Regensburg 2016 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MM: Fachverband Metall- und Materialphysik

MM 37: Frontiers of Electronic Structure Theory: Focus on Topology and Transport III

Mittwoch, 9. März 2016, 15:00–18:30, H24

15:00 MM 37.1 Topical Talk: Topological semimetal phases in strained HgTe-based alloysTomáš Rauch, Steven Achilles, •Jürgen Henk, and Ingrid Mertig
15:30 MM 37.2 Topical Talk: Topological surface Fermi arcs and the chiral anomaly in Weyl semimetal materials — •Binghai Yan
  16:00 MM 37.3 The contribution has been withdrawn.
16:15 MM 37.4 Topological surface Fermi arcs and spin-textures of the Weyl semimetals TaAs, TaP, NbAs, and NbP — •Yan Sun, Shu-Chun Wu, Claudia Felser, and Binghai Yan
16:30 MM 37.5 New electron states at the Bi/InAs(111) interface — •L Nicolaï, K Hricovini, J-M Mariot, M C Richter, O Heckmann, U Djukic, T Balasubramanian, M Leandersson, J Sadowski, J Denlinger, I Vobornik, J Braun, H Ebert, and J Minár
16:45 MM 37.6 Two-dimensional topological phases and electronic spectra of topological insulator thin films from GW calculations — •Tobias Förster, Peter Krüger, and Michael Rohlfing
17:00 MM 37.7 Steady-State Density Functional Theory for Finite Bias Conductances — •Stefan Kurth and Gianluca Stefanucci
17:15 MM 37.8 Revealing the intra-molecular origin of inelastic electron tunneling signal by means of first-principles calculations — •Giuseppe Foti and Hector Vazquez
17:30 MM 37.9 An efficient real-time time-dependent density functional theory method and its applications — •Zhi Wang, Shu-Shen Li, and Lin-Wang Wang
17:45 MM 37.10 Nonadiabatic geometric phase of a pseudorotating triatomic molecule — •Ryan Requist and Eberhard K. U. Gross
18:00 MM 37.11 Theoretical investigations of magnetically doped topological insulators — •Jan Minar, Jurgen Braun, and Hubert Ebert
18:15 MM 37.12 Trions in a carbon nanotube from ab-initio many-body perturbation theory — •Thorsten Deilmann, Matthias Drüppel, and Michael Rohlfing
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