Regensburg 2016 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 89: Oxides and Insulator Surfaces II

O 89.1: Vortrag

Donnerstag, 10. März 2016, 15:00–15:15, H4

Iron-Silicate films on Ru(0001) — •Gina Peschel, Hagen W. Klemm, Alexander B. Fuhrich, Mauricio Prieto, Dietrich Menzel, Thomas Schmidt, and Hans-Joachim Freund — Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin, Deutschland

Zeolites offer strong catalytic activity and are already widely used in industry as desiccant, detergent or as molecular sieves. Iron-silicate could be seen as a model system, offering the possibility to understand structure and reactivity correlations and functionalize these materials even more. Our investigation addresses the growth and structure of ultrathin iron-silicate films on a Ru(0001) substrate with the methods of LEEM, LEED, XPS and XPEEM.

Our studies reveal the formation of co-existing structural domains. XPEEM results indicate that one kind of domain contains iron and silicon while the other domain type contains only silicon. The overall LEED pattern consists of a (√3 × √3) R30 pattern with Moiré spots, superimposed with a (2 × 2) structure, which could be assigned to the individual domains, respectively. Including additional XPS results we suggest a model for the iron-silicate consisting of a silica layer bound to a complete FeO layer on the Ru-support.

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