Bremen 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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P: Fachverband Plasmaphysik

P 23: Low Temperature Plasmas

P 23.8: Poster

Mittwoch, 15. März 2017, 16:30–18:30, HS Foyer

Direct determination of electron phase trajectories in striated inert gas discharges — •Yuri B. Golubovskii1, Sergey Valin1, and Florian Sigeneger21St. Petersburg State University, Universitetskaya St. 7/9, 199034 St. Petersburg, Russia — 2INP Greifswald, Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 2, 17489 Greifswald

A new dynamic method to analyse resonance effects in striated glow discharge plasmas is proposed as a supplement to kinetic approaches. The method is applicable to striations which are caused by the nonlocal electron behaviour at lower pressure and current. It is based on the direct analysis of the electron phase trajectories in spatially periodic fields and avoids the solution of the spatially inhomogeneous Boltzmann equation.

Main aspects of the resonance effects are obtained by studying the electron phase trajectories in strongly modulated electric fields. The relaxation into the established periodic state is demonstrated by varying the initial electron energy. For S, P and R striations, the obtained trajectories very good agree with corresponding results obtained from a kinetic approach. Furthermore, the resonance behaviour in the case of S striations is studied by detuning the period length of the electric field.

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