Bremen 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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P: Fachverband Plasmaphysik

P 23: Low Temperature Plasmas

Mittwoch, 15. März 2017, 16:30–18:30, HS Foyer

16:30 P 23.1 Kinetic Modeling of the Surface Mode Excitation in CCP Discharges with the Electrostatic and Electromagnetic Field Descriptions — •Denis Eremin, Ali Arshadi, Schabnam Naggary, and Ralf Peter Brinkmann
16:30 P 23.2 Guide field magnetic reconnection on electron and ion scales — •Adrian von Stechow, Dusan Milojevic, Ilya Shesterikov, Olaf Grulke, and Thomas Klinger
16:30 P 23.3 Force balance and Ohm’s law in the reconnecting current sheet in the VINETA-II magnetic reconnection experiment — •Ilya Shesterikov, Adrian von Stechow, Dusan Milojevic, Olaf Grulke und Thomas Klinger
16:30 P 23.4 Plasma formation in the KATRIN tritium source — •Laura Kuckert
16:30 P 23.5 Single self-stabilized filament in plane-parallel barrier discharge configuration: existence regimes, breakdown mechanism, and memory effects — •Robert Tschiersch, Sebastian Nemschokmichal, and Jürgen Meichsner
16:30 P 23.6 Inactivation of Enterococcus mundtii by Indirect Plasma Treatment using Surface Micro-Discharge Electrode — •Sandra Moritz, Janine Mandler, Sylvia Binder, Tetsuji Shimizu, Meike Müller, Markus H. Thoma, and Julia Zimmermann
16:30 P 23.7 Experimentelle Untersuchung der Streamerpropagation und Entladungsentwicklung auf dielektrischen Oberflächen — •Manfred Kettlitz, Rouven Klink, Hans Höft und Ronny Brandenburg
16:30 P 23.8 Direct determination of electron phase trajectories in striated inert gas discharges — •Yuri B. Golubovskii, Sergey Valin, and Florian Sigeneger
16:30 P 23.9 Investigations on the dynamics of non-reactive and reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering plasmas — •Katharina Grosse, Wolfgang Breilmann, Christian Maszl, Jan Benedikt, and Achim von Keudell
16:30 P 23.10 Spatiotemporal evolution of the reconnection current sheet — •Dusan Milojevic, Adrian von Stechow, Ilya Shesterikov, Olaf Grulke, and Thomas Klinger
16:30 P 23.11 Electronegativity and oxygen kinetics during E-H transition in inductively coupled radio frequency plasmas . — •Thomas Wegner and Jürgen Meichsner
16:30 P 23.12 Characterisation of Sub-microsecond Pulsed Discharges in Water — •Raphael Rataj, Jana Kredl, Camelia Miron, Tilo Schulz, Jürgen F. Kolb, and Ronny Brandenburg
16:30 P 23.13 Characterization of the high density helicon plasma cell PROMETHEUS-A for the Advanced Wakefield Experiment — •Birger Buttenschön, Nils Fahrenkamp, and Olaf Grulke
16:30 P 23.14 A Computationally Assisted Spectroscopic Technique to measure secondary electron emission coefficients in technological RF plasmas — •Birk Berger, Manaswi Daksha, Edmund Schüngel, Mark Koepke, Julian Schulze, Ihor Korolov, Aranka Derzsi, and Zoltán Donkó
16:30 P 23.15 Phase resolved laser absorption spectroscopy on a low pressure dielectric barrier discharge jet — •Roman Bergert and Slobodan Mitic
16:30 P 23.16 Planar Multipole Resonance Probe: Comparison of a Functional Analytic Approach and Full 3D Electromagnetic Field Simulations — •Michael Friedrichs, Christian Schulz, Ilona Rolfes, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, and Jens Oberrath
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