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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 54: Statistical Physics of Biological Systems I (Joint Session BP/DY)

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017, 15:00–17:30, ZEU 250

15:00 BP 54.1 Inference of chemotactic strategies of E. coli and Pseudonomas putida using Kramers-Moyal coefficients — •Maximilian Seyrich, Oliver Pohl, Marius Hintsche, Zahra Alirezaei, Carsten Beta, and Holger Stark
15:15 BP 54.2 Genotypic complexity of Fisher’s geometric modelSungmin Hwang, Su-Chan Park, and •Joachim Krug
15:30 BP 54.3 Statistical description of normalized odor representations — •David Zwicker
15:45 BP 54.4 Magnetosensing with ion channels and the origin of anomalous gating kinetics — •Igor Goychuk
16:00 BP 54.5 Quorum sensing in stochastic many-particle models of microbial populations — •Johannes Knebel, Matthias Bauer, Matthias Lechner, Peter Pickl, and Erwin Frey
16:15 BP 54.6 Dynamics of population fronts in the presence of finite-sized heterogeneities — •Wolfram Möbius, Kim M. J. Alards, Francesca Tesser, Roberto Benzi, David R. Nelson, and Federico Toschi
16:30 BP 54.7 Universality in the clonal dynamics in developing tissues — •Steffen Rulands, Samira Chabab, Fabienne Lescroart, Cedric Blanpain, and Benjamin David Simons
16:45 BP 54.8 Incorporating sleep regulation and thalamocortical interactions in a cortical meanfield model — •Michael Schellenberger Costa, Arne Weigenand, Hong-Viet V. Ngo, Lisa Marshall, Jan Born, Thomas Martinetz, and Jens Christian Claussen
17:00 BP 54.9 Modeling the spread of West Nile Virus in Germany — •Suman Bhowmick, Philipp Lorenz, Philipp Hövel, and Hartmut H. K. Lentz
17:15 BP 54.10 Burst-Noise induced bifurcations in the Schlögl-Model — •Johannes Falk, Marc Mendler, and Barbara Drossel
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