Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 15: Magnetic Heuslers, Half-metals and Oxides (jointly with TT)

Montag, 20. März 2017, 15:00–18:30, HSZ 403

15:00 MA 15.1 Giant anomalous Hall effect in Heusler compounds — •Kaustuv Manna, Rolf Stinshoff, Ting-Hui Kao, Nitesh Kumar, Chandra Shekhar, Jayita Nayak, Sunil Wilfred DSouza, Sanjay Singh, Gerhard H. Fecher, Stuart S. P. Parkin, and Claudia Felser
  15:15 MA 15.2 The contribution has been withdrawn.
15:30 MA 15.3 Stability of a highly spin polarized surface resonance of Co2MnSi at spin-valve interfaces — •Christian Lidig, Alexander Kronenberg, Andrei Gloskovskii, Mathias Kläui, and Martin Jourdan
15:45 MA 15.4 Defect-induced magnetic structure of CuMnSb — •Frantisek Maca, Josef Kudrnovsky, Vaclav Drchal, and Ilja Turek
16:00 MA 15.5 Magnetotransport in Half-Metallic Manganese Ruthenium Gallium — •Ciaran Fowley, Kiril Borisov, Gwenael Atcheson, Yong-Chang Lau, Naganivetha Thiyagarajah, Rodolfo Gallardo, Jurgen Lindner, Zhaosheng Wang, Erik Kampert, Mike Coey, Plamen Stamenov, Karsten Rode, and Alina Maria Deac
16:15 MA 15.6 Tunneling Magnetoresistance in MnRuGa based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions — •Aleksandra Titova, Ciaran Fowley, Kiril Borisov, Davide Betto, Yong Chang Lau, Nivetha Thiyagarajah, Gwenael Atcheson, Michael Coey, Plamen Stamenov, Karsten Rode, Jürgen Lindner, Jürgen Faßbender, and Alina Deac
  16:30 15 min. break.
16:45 MA 15.7 Influence of grain boundaries on cohesive and magnetic properties in the inverse Heusler phase Fe2CoGa
— •Georg Krugel, Daniel Urban, Wolfgang Körner, and Christian Elsässer
17:00 MA 15.8 Study of compensated ferrimagnetic Heusler materials Mn3−xPtxGa — •Vivek Kumar, Ajaya K. Nayak, and Claudia Felser
17:15 MA 15.9 High quality Yttrium Iron Garnet thin films by room temperature deposition and annealing in argon atmosphere — •Christoph Hauser, Christian Eisenschmidt, Hakan Deniz, and Georg Schmidt
17:30 MA 15.10 Colossal increase in the magnetic moment of NiCo2O4 films via He-ion irradiation — •Parul Pandey, Yugandhar Bitla, Matthias Zschornak, Mao Wang, Chi Xu, Joerg Grenzer, Sibylle Gemming, Manfred Helm, Ying-Hao Chu, and Shengqiang Zhou
17:45 MA 15.11 Magnetic and structural properties in the spin-dimer system Ba0.1Sr2.9Cr2O8 — •Alsu Gazizulina, Diana Lucia Quintero Castro, and Andreas Schilling
18:00 MA 15.12 First principles study of orbital order in Mn doped FeV2O4Dibyendu Dey, •Tulika Maitra, and Arghya Taraphder
18:15 MA 15.13 Curie temperature of ultra-thin EuO films in proximity to a metalBrian Tam, Andreas Reisner, Steffen Wirth, •Simone G. Altendorf, and Liu Hao Tjeng
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