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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 47: Spin Hall Effects and Skyrmions I

MA 47.3: Vortrag

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017, 10:00–10:15, HSZ 04

Magnetic phase transitions in skyrmion host GaV4Se8 established by magnetocurrent measurementsAdam Butykai1,2, •Sandor Bordács1,2, Miklos Csontos1, Vladimir Tsurkan3, and Istvan Kezsmarki1,21Department of Physics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budafoki út 8., Budapest, Hungary — 2MTA-BME Lendület Magneto-optical Spectroscopy Research Group — 3Experimental Physics V, Center for Electronic Correlations and Magnetism, University of Augsburg, 86135 Augsburg, Germany

GaV4Se8 (GVSe) is a member of the lacunar spinel family, a sister compound to GaV4S8 (GVS), wherein the emergence of a Néel-type skyrmion lattice phase has been reported [1]. The supposedly lower magnetic anisotropy in GVSe is expected to stabilize the modulated magnetic structures down to lower temperatures against the uniform ferromagnetic phase.

Similarly to GVS, the Selenide compound is also a magnetoelectric multiferroic (with a Curie-temperature of TC=19K), therefore the cycloidal spirals and the magnetic skyrmions are expected to carry magnetoelectric polarization, as demonstrated for GVS [2].

Magnetcurrent and pyrocurrent measurements were performed to detect the magnetic phase transitions in GVSe in two principal directions of the external magnetic field. A tentative magnetic phase diagram has been established, indicating an extended cycloidal and skyrmion lattice phase.

[1] Kezsmarki, I. et al. Nature materials 14, (2015) [2] Ruff, E. et al. Science advances 1, (2015)

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