Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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MA: Fachverband Magnetismus

MA 56: Bulk Materials: Soft and hard permanent magnets

Donnerstag, 23. März 2017, 15:00–18:00, HSZ 403

15:00 MA 56.1 Ab initio theory of Fe-based permanent magnets — •Olga Vekilova, Olle Eriksson, and Heike Herper
15:15 MA 56.2 The influence of the Madelung potential on magnetic properties of disordered FePt — •Saleem Ayaz Khan, Peter Blaha, Hubert Ebert, Jan Minár, and Ondřej Šipr
15:30 MA 56.3 Grain boundary diffusion of different rare earth elements in Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets by experiment and FEM simulation — •Konrad Loewe, Dimitri Benke, Christian Kübel, Konstantin Skokov, and Oliver Gutfleisch
15:45 MA 56.4 Reliability of bulk combinatorial reactive crucible melting approach to search for new permanent magnets: a Fe-Sn case study — •Bahar Fayyazi, Konstantin Skokov, Dmitriy Karpenkov, and Oliver Gutfleisch
16:00 MA 56.5 Ferromagnetism vs. slow relaxation in Fe-doped Li3N — •Manuel Fix, Rudra S. Manna, Stephan G. Jantz, and Anton Jesche
16:15 MA 56.6 Producing two different L10 phases in ternary MnAlGa alloys — •Torsten Mix, Florian Bittner, Karl-Hartmut Müller, Ludwig Schultz, and Thomas George Woodcock
  16:30 15 min. break.
16:45 MA 56.7 Impact of dislocations on coercivity in L10-MnAl — •Florian Bittner, Jens Freudenberger, Ludwig Schultz, and Thomas G. Woodcock
17:00 MA 56.8 A systematic study of RE lean ThMn12-type phases — •Heike C. Herper, Olga Vekilova, and Olle Eriksson
17:15 MA 56.9 High-throughput density functional screening for permanent magnet materials — •Ingo Opahle
17:30 MA 56.10 Magnetization behavior of hexagonal ferrites observed by in-situ Magnetic Force Microscopy — •Tim Helbig, Fabian Rhein, Volker Neu, Michael Krispin, and Oliver Gutfleisch
17:45 MA 56.11 Neutron depolarization imaging of magnetite in chiton teeth — •Marc Seifert, Michael Schulz, Georg Benka, Christian Pfleiderer, and Stuart Gilder
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