Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 19: 2D Materials Beyond Graphene II

Montag, 20. März 2017, 16:00–18:30, REC/PHY C213

16:00 O 19.1 2d Heterojunctions From Non-Local Manipulation of the Interactions: Single and Two-Particle Properties — •Christina Steinke, Daniel Mourad, Malte Rösner, Michael Lorke, Christopher Gies, Frank Jahnke, Gerd Czycholl, and Tim Oliver Wehling
16:15 O 19.2 Growth of Ge and Si on the monolayer silicene on Ag(111) — •Deng-Sung Lin and Han-De Chen
16:30 O 19.3 Direct observation of the conduction bands of single-layer WS2 on Au(111) — •Philipp Eickholt, Marcel Holtmann, Charlotte Sanders, Philip Hofmann, and Markus Donath
16:45 O 19.4 Study of the anisotropic electronic structure of ReSe2 — •Ph. Eickholt, C. Langenkämper, K. Miyamoto, E.F. Schwier, J. Noky, M. Drüppel, P. Krüger, M. Rohlfing, and M. Donath
17:00 O 19.5 Second-harmonic imaging microscopy: a powerful tool for time-resolved investigation of electron dynamics in TMDC heterostructures — •Jonas Zimmermann, Gerson Mette, and Ulrich Höfer
17:15 O 19.6 Electrostatically tuned 2D Heterostructures — •Christian Winkler, Shashank S. Harivyasi, and Egbert Zojer
17:30 O 19.7 Structure determination of silicene nanoribbons on Ag(110) — •Philipp Espeter, Christoph Keutner, Nils Fabian Kleimeier, Peter Roese, Karim Shamout, Gabi Wenzel, Ulf Berges, Helmut Zacharias, and Carsten Westphal
17:45 O 19.8 Angle-resolved IPE Study of Silicene Nanoribbons on Ag(110) — •Gabi Wenzel, Nils Fabian Kleimeier, and Helmut Zacharias
18:00 O 19.9 SPM study of atomically thin MoS2 grown on HOPG via chemical vapor deposition — •Erik Pollmann and Marika Schleberger
18:15 O 19.10 Probing the Bandstructure of MoS2 on Au(111) using Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy — •Nils Krane, Christian Lotze, and Katharina J. Franke
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