Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 34: Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Reactions and Electrochemistry - Experiment II

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 10:30–12:15, HSZ 101

10:30 O 34.1 Hauptvortrag: Self-Assembly at the Liquid/Solid Interface: Playing on the Nanoscale and Taming Molecules — •Manfred Buck
11:00 O 34.2 Low-frequency conductivity of clay suspensions: Electrokinetic potentials, surface conductance and counterion mobility — •Christian Weber, Helge Stanjek, and Markus Valtiner
11:15 O 34.3 Atomic-level electrochemical surface science of TiO2 rutile (110) — •Matthias Müllner, Jan Balajka, Michael Schmid, Ulrike Diebold, and Stijn Mertens
11:30 O 34.4 Ion Exchange: Reactions of Porphyrins on Oxides and in Liquids — •Ole Lytken, Matthias Franke, Quratulain Tariq, Daniel Wechsler, Julia Köbl, Norbert Jux, Hubertus Marbach, Hans-Peter Steinrück, Florencia Marchini, Federico Williams, Tao Wang, Cici Wang, Qian Xu, and Junfa Zhu
11:45 O 34.5 Probing surface electrochemical oxidation of gold by nonlinear optical vibrational spectroscopy — •Yujin Tong, Felix Gerke, Martin Wolf, and R. Kramer Campen
12:00 O 34.6 Stability of metallo-porphyrin networks under oxygen reduction and evolution conditions in basic media — •D. Hötger, C. Morchutt, M. Etzkorn, J. Dreiser, S. Stepanow, D. Grumelli, R. Gutzler, and K. Kern
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