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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 46: Electronic Structure of Surfaces: Spectroscopy, Surface States

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 18:30–20:30, P1A

18:30 O 46.1 Influence of the Surface Structure on Photoelectron Momentum Maps Measured for Coronene Monolayers on Ag(111) — •Christian Udhardt, Felix Otto, Tino Kirchhübel, Falko Sojka, Tobias Hümpfner, Matthias Meißner, Christian Kern, Daniel Lüftner, Peter Puschnig, Bernd Schröter, Roman Forker, and Torsten Fritz
18:30 O 46.2 STM-Investigations of κ-(BEDT-TTF)2X-Charge Transfer Salts — •Torge Mashoff, Johannes Regel, and Hans-Joachim Elmers
18:30 O 46.3 Time-resolved momentum microscopy with fs-XUV light — •Christina Schott, Markus Rollinger, Sebastian Emmerich, Johannes Seidel, Florian Haag, Norman Haag, Steffen Eich, Mirko Cinchetti, Benjamin Stadtmüller, and Martin Aeschlimann
18:30 O 46.4 Spin-polarized surface states of Pb monolayers on Si(111)Christian Brand, Herbert Pfnür, Jan-Hugo Dil, Stefan Muff, Michael C. Tringides, and •Christoph Tegenkamp
18:30 O 46.5 2D Dirac cones at the Fermi level in ZrSiTe — •Shweta Sheoran, Andreas Topp, Judith M. Lippmann, Andrei Varykhalov, Viola Duppel, Bettina V. Lotsch, Christian R. Ast, and Leslie M. Schoop
18:30 O 46.6 Multi-electron photon-emission from a tunnel junction — •Philip Kapitza, Ebru Ekici, Kira Kolpatzeck, Rolf Möller, and Christian A. Bobisch
18:30 O 46.7 Investigation of charge puddles at the surface of the compensated topological insulator BiSbTeSe2 — •Timo Knispel, Wouter Jolie, Nick Borgwardt, Zhiwei Wang, Jonathan Lux, Achim Rosch, Yoichi Ando, Markus Grüninger, and Thomas Michely
18:30 O 46.8 Studying the type-II Weyl semimetal Td-WTe2 with two-photon photoemission — •Petra Hein, Stephan Jauernik, Yulin Chen, Lexian Yang, Binghai Yan, Claudia Felser, and Michael Bauer
18:30 O 46.9 Thickness-dependent photoelectron spectroscopy study of 1,2;8,9-dibenzopentacene on Au(111) — •Maximilian Schaal, Felix Otto, Christian Udhardt, Bernd Schröter, Roman Forker, and Torsten Fritz
18:30 O 46.10 Electronic Properties of Coronene on (111)-Surfaces of the Coinage Metals. — •Christian Simon Kern, Daniel Lüftner, Christian Udhardt, Felix Otto, Roman Forker, Torsten Fritz, and Peter Puschnig
18:30 O 46.11 Charge-ordered state in the low-temperature phase of Pb/Si(111) — •Florian Adler, Manuel Laubach, Stephan Rachel, Jörg Schäfer, and Ralph Claessen
18:30 O 46.12 A new dual analyzer system for surface analysis of liquids under UHV conditions — •Francesco Greco, Inga Niedermaier, Claudia Kolbeck, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Florian Maier
18:30 O 46.13 Quasiparticle interferences in highly doped bilayer graphene — •Wouter Jolie, Jonathan Lux, Mathias Pörtner, Tobias Hartl, Timo Knispel, Sabina Simon, Charlotte Herbig, Thomas Michely, and Carsten Busse
18:30 O 46.14 Systematics of 3d transition metal–doped Sb2Te3 — •Johannes Jung, Thomas Bathon, Paolo Sessi, and Matthias Bode
18:30 O 46.15 New insights into the LaB6 (001)-surface obtained by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy — •Philipp Buchsteiner, Martin Wenderoth, and Geetha Balakrishnan
18:30 O 46.16 Preparation and Characterization of Sub-Monolayer Ge on Cu — •Thomas Kotzott, Wei Li, and Martin Wenderoth
18:30 O 46.17 Polarization-dependent two-photon photoemission from p-doped topological insulators SnBixSb2−xTe4 and GeSb2Te4 — •Sebastian Otto, Jonas Rietsch, Philipp Rosenzweig, Daniel Niesner, and Thomas Fauster
18:30 O 46.18 Characterisation of Beryllides with XPS — •Nicola Helfer, Petra Hansen, Hans Rudolf Koslowski, and Christian Linsmeier
18:30 O 46.19 Polarization-dependent ARPES investigation for organic molecules on Ag(110) and Cu(110) — •Xiaosheng Yang, Daniel Lüftner, Georg Koller, Peter Puschnig, Michael Ramsey, Matteo Jugovac, Giovanni Zamborlini, Vitaliy Feyer, Serguei Soubatch, and Stefan Tautz
18:30 O 46.20 Ab-initio investigation of the interface α-Al2O3/Al — •Lilit Amirkhanyan and Jens Kortus
18:30 O 46.21 The geometric and electronic properties of the tetracene/Ag(110) interface studied by density functional theory — •Jana Fuchsberger, Daniel Lüftner, Xiaosheng Yang, Georg Koller, Michael Ramsey, Vitaliy Feyer, Serguei Soubatch, Stefan Tautz, and Peter Puschnig
18:30 O 46.22 DFT calculations of energy dependent XPS valance band spectra — •Mahdiyar Bagheri and Peter Blaha
18:30 O 46.23 Local effects of self-assembled monolayers on NiO thin films — •Wenlan Liu, Shuangying Ma, Sabina Hillebrandt, Florian Ullrich, Sebastian Hietzschold, and Andreas Köhn
18:30 O 46.24 Self-assembled monolayers on NiO thin films: a first-principles study — •Shuangying Ma, Wenlan Liu, Sabina Hillebrandt, Florian Ullrich, Sebastian Hietzschold, and Andreas Köhn
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