Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 5: Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Systems and Organic Films I

Montag, 20. März 2017, 10:30–13:00, WIL A317

10:30 O 5.1 The Impact of Doping on the Interface Structure and Level Alignment of ZnO/F6TCNNQ Interfaces from First Principles — •Simon Erker and Oliver T. Hofmann
10:45 O 5.2 Extended Space Charge Region and Unoccupied Molecular Band Formation in Epitaxial F4TCNQ Films — •David Gerbert and Petra Tegeder
11:00 O 5.3 Photoemission Tomography of NiTPP on Cu(100) — •Daniel Lüftner, Giovanni Zamborlini, Zhijing Feng, Carlo Dri, Vitaly Feyer, and Peter Puschnig
11:15 O 5.4 Metastable tautomers — tuning the lifetime with an STM tip — •Andreas Krönlein, Jens Kügel, Aimee Sixta, Markus Böhme, and Matthias Bode
11:30 O 5.5 Breaking Degeneracy of Tautomerization - Influence of the substrate — •Markus Böhme, Jens Kügel, Aimee Sixta, Andreas Krönlein, and Matthias Bode
11:45 O 5.6 Excited states dynamics in TIPS-Pentacene on Au(111) — •Arnulf Stein and Petra Tegeder
12:00 O 5.7 Interaction of free-base tetraphenylpoprhyrin with magnesium oxide: Inluence of MgO morphology on metalation — •Gianluca Di Filippo, Andrej Classen, Rebecca Pöschel, and Thomas Fauster
12:15 O 5.8 Controlled On-Surface Synthesis of Organic and Organometallic Macrocycles — •Qitang Fan, Cici Wang, Tao Wang, Junfa Zhu, Min Chen, Malte Zugermeier, Claudio K. Krug, Julian Kuttner, Gerhard Hilt, and J. Michael Gottfried
12:30 O 5.9 Electronic Properties of the Potential Organic Superconductor 1,2;8,9-Dibenzopentacene on Ag(111) — •Felix Otto, Maximilian Schaal, Christian Udhardt, Tobias Huempfner, Lennart Vorbrink, Bernd Schröter, Roman Forker, and Torsten Fritz
12:45 O 5.10 Work function tuning by electron irradiation of aromatic self-assembled monolayers — •Eric Sauter, Can Yildirim, Andreas Terfort, and Michael Zharnikov
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