Dresden 2017 – wissenschaftliches Programm

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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 55: Graphene

Dienstag, 21. März 2017, 18:30–20:30, P2-EG

18:30 O 55.1 Inelastic electron tunnelling into graphene bilayers on Ir(111) — •Alexander Tries, Johannes Halle, Nicolas Néel, and Jörg Kröger
18:30 O 55.2 The effect of defects on the band structure of graphene near the Dirac point — •Piotr Kot, Jonathan Parnell, Sina Habibian, and Christian R. Ast
18:30 O 55.3 Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy on graphene/h-BN/SiO2/Si devices — •Lena Stoppel, Fabian Paschke, Julia Tesch, Samuel Bouvron, Yuriy S. Dedkov, and Mikhail Fonin
18:30 O 55.4 Novel preparation technique for high quality graphene on boron nitride samples for combined electrical transport and STM measurements — •Tjorven Johnsen, Michael Weimer, Peter Nemes-Incze, and Markus Morgenstern
18:30 O 55.5 Graphene growth on SiC(0001) without step bunching — •Jakob Lidzba, Martina Wanke, Florian Speck, and Thomas Seyller
18:30 O 55.6 Preparation of epitaxial graphene on 4H-SiC(0001) — •Hassan Kakag, Florian Speck, Martina Wanke, and Thomas Seyller
18:30 O 55.7 Role of the tunnelling junction elements in photon emission from Au/Mica, Au/Cr/Mica, graphene/Cu systems — •Hakki Tunç Çiftçi, Berk Zengin, Umut Kamber, Cem Kincal, Dilek Yildiz, and Oğuzhan Gürlü
18:30 O 55.8 Graphene formation on thin epitaxial grown Cu(111)-foils by chemical vapor deposition of acetone — •Jens Neurohr, Samuel Grandthyll, Michael Weinl, Matthias Schreck, Karin Jacobs, and Frank Müller
18:30 O 55.9 Analysis of local variations of the electronic properties of monolayer and bilayer graphene/HOPG — •Anne Holtsch and Uwe Hartmann
18:30 O 55.10 Sulfur intercalation of epitaxial graphene on 6H-SiC(0001) — •Santha J. Panigrahi, Florian Speck, Adrian Schütze, Martina Wanke, and Thomas Seyller
18:30 O 55.11 Dimerization of activated Coronene on HOPG — •Jürgen Weippert, Julian Bachmann, Jean-Francois Greisch, Artur Böttcher, and Manfred M. Kappes
18:30 O 55.12 Response of the electronic structure of graphene to pressure, temperature and humidity — •Haydar Altuğ Yildirim, Umut Kamber, Cem Kincal, and Oğuzhan Gürlü
18:30 O 55.13 A comparative study of the oxidation of PAHs using atomic oxygen — •Jürgen Weippert, Vincent Gewiese, Philipp Huber, Artur Böttcher, and Manfred M. Kappes
18:30 O 55.14 Intercalated porphines at the BN/Cu(111) interface: structure, electronic properties and function — •Jacob Ducke, Alexander Riss, Alejandro Pérez Paz, Angel Rubio, Johannes V. Barth, and Willi Auwärter
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