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O: Fachverband Oberflächenphysik

O 81: Oxide and Insulator Surfaces: Adsorption II

Mittwoch, 22. März 2017, 16:00–18:30, WIL C107

16:00 O 81.1 Adsorption Sites of Individual Metal Atoms on MgO Thin Films Determined by Means of STM — •Edgar Fernandes, Fabio Donati, François Patthey, and Harald Brune
16:15 O 81.2 Photochemical switching of azobenzene derivatives on an insulating surface — •Simon Jaekel, Antje Richter, Robert Lindner, Angelika Kühnle, Stefan Hecht, and Leonhard Grill
16:30 O 81.3 DFT Study of Water Adsorption on Cation Doped (001)-MgO Surfaces — •Thomas Ruh, Christian Knoll, Danny Müller, Peter Weinberger, and Peter Blaha
16:45 O 81.4 Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Magnetite Single Crystal Surfaces — •Marcus Creutzburg, Heshmat Noei, and Andreas Stierle
17:00 O 81.5 Temperature-dependent reactions of Phthalic Acid on Co3O4(111) — •Daniel Wechsler, Matthias Franke, Quratulain Tariq, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Ole Lytken
17:15 O 81.6 Theoretical Description of the Adsorption of Water and Ethanol on Pt4/Pt(111) and Pt4/CeO2(111) Substrates — •Yohanna Seminovski, Polina Tereshchuk, Adam Kiejna, and Juarez L. F. Da Silva
17:30 O 81.7 High-resolution photoemission and X-ray absorption spectroscopy of a functionalized porphyrin adsorbed on MgO(100) — •Quratulain Tariq, Matthias Franke, Daniel Wechsler, Hans-Peter Steinrück, and Ole Lytken
17:45 O 81.8 Adsorption of Oxygen on Ca3Ru2O7(001) — •Daniel Halwidl, Wernfried Mayr-Schmölzer, Florian Mittendorfer, David Fobes, Jin Peng, Zhiqiang Mao, Michael Schmid, Josef Redinger, and Ulrike Diebold
18:00 O 81.9 Water adsorption on top of the hematite(0001) surface at medium and high coverage regimes — •Roman Ovcharenko and Elena Voloshina
18:15 O 81.10 Adsorption of Oxygen on Ruthenate Perovskite Surfaces — •Florian Mittendorfer, Wernfried Mayr-Schmölzer, Josef Redinger, Daniel Halwidl, and Ulrike Diebold
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