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BP: Fachverband Biologische Physik

BP 8: Active Matter DY II (joint session DY/CPP/BP)

Montag, 12. März 2018, 15:30–18:45, BH-N 243

15:30 BP 8.1 Run-and-Tumble-like Motion of Synthetic Microswimmers in Viscoelastic Media — •Celia Lozano, J. Ruben Gomez-Solano, and Clemens Bechinger
15:45 BP 8.2 Effective viscosity of active suspensionsLevan Jibuti, Walter Zimmermann, Salima Rafai, and •Philippe Peyla
16:00 BP 8.3 Self propulsion of droplets driven by an active permeating gel — •Reiner Kree and Annette Zippelius
16:15 BP 8.4 Viscotaxis: a theory for microswimmer navigation in viscosity gradients — •Benno Liebchen, Paul Monderkamp, Borge ten Hagen, and Hartmut Loewen
16:30 BP 8.5 Photo-gravitaxis in synthetic microswimmers — •William Uspal, Dhruv Singh, Mihail Popescu, Laurence Wilson, and Peer Fischer
  16:45 15 min. break
17:00 BP 8.6 Active Rods in a Converging Flow — •Andreas Kaiser, Mykhailo Potomkin, Leonid Berlyand, and Igor Aranson
17:15 BP 8.7 Guidance of self-phoretic Janus particles by chemically patterned surfacesWilliam Uspal, •Mihail Popescu, Mykola Tasinkevych, and Siegfried Dietrich
17:30 BP 8.8 Randomly shaped magnetic Micropropellers — •Felix Bachmann, Agnese Codutti, Klaas Bente, and Damien Faivre
17:45 BP 8.9 Active Brownian particles in a inhomogeneous activity or magnetic field — •Hidde Vuijk and Abhinav Sharma
18:00 BP 8.10 Active colloidal particles in evaporating liquid droplets — •Borge ten Hagen, Maziyar Jalaal, Hai Le The, Christian Diddens, Alvaro Marin, and Detlef Lohse
18:15 BP 8.11 Active droplet model of cellular aggregates — •Hui-Shun Kuan, Frank Jülicher, and Vasily Zaburdaev
18:30 BP 8.12 3D dynamics of synthetically assembled microtubules and motors — •Smrithika Subramani, Christian Westendorf, Eberhard Bodenschatz, and Isabella Guido
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